Hasbro has seemingly sent out pictures to the fan sites; SSG doesn't have them up yet, but I'm sure they will be shortly.

At any rate, the lineup is this:
*Utapau Clone Trooper
*Death Star Luke Skywalker
*Yavin Ceremony Han Solo
*Commander Gree

All of them use some degree of old parts, it seems. Utapau Clone looks like the current TVC clone in orange colors. Luke appears based on the awesome Resurgence of the Jedi version with a cloth skirt and stormtrooper belt (for the first time on a basic card). R5-D4 is based on the build-a-droid mold; hopefully they got the red panels correct on his back. The stormtrooper looks like the TVC/Dewback sandtrooper without the pauldron, but the head looks different. Han is the VOTC body and Legacy Death Star escape version (meaning the shirt is inaccurate, unfortunately). I think Gree is a repack from 2008.

So there it is, kids, your first mixed wave since 2004. Nothing too stellar, though I'm excited for Luke.

EDIT: I'd like to ask about ceremony Han whenever we get the Q&A thread up and going . . . hopefully I can remember. In similar news, we asked a question about Death Star escape Luke that is basically now wasted aside from a brief blurb about Leia.