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Thread: Poor Yoda

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    Poor Yoda

    Am I the only collector who is continually dissapointed with the Yoda head sculpts? I mean, the Clone Wars Yoda is about the closest they have ever been to capturing the bug-eyed look of Degobah's resident sage....

    This wouldn't be such a big deal if it were 10 years ago, but with so many excellent improvements in sculpting these past few years (see Jabba, Bespin Luke, most every Ewok, the pending AOTC Windu, Hoth Leia, Dengar, most every Jabba thug, etc.), it seams poor Yoda never quite looks right. I'm especially dissapointed that the "new" Vintage Yoda includes a saber...I'm scratching my head trying to remember when he cracked that out in ESB...was it while Luke was fighting shadow-puppet Vader in the swamp, or part of a cut scene Lucas was too lazy to revisit during the revamps of the classics....

    I loved the ESB fragile, muppet-eyed looking Yoda film character. You had no idea who this character was and why he mattered so much...then he lifts that X-Wing, blows Luke's mind and suddenly size matters not, Yoda is the "man."

    Then, thanks (in part) to the desperation of nerds like me, and the demands of free-market enterprise, Lucas goes and makes the prequels and Yoda is so radically different from his ESB awesomness, he not only doesn't look like the same character, he acts like a different character. Instead of a figure of mystery who keeps the audience in limbo with his seeming philosophical ambiguity, he's as black and white and petulant as, well, Mace Windu. ESB and ROTJ Yoda = wise grandpa with one last tick up his sleve, PM/AOT/ROTS Yoda = moody grandma with a light saber and mad jumping skills.

    All of Yoda's figure versions since then have been this agressive, angry-faced, tiny-eyed green monkey...hardly a recognizable figure by even the lowest standards (and I'm talking monkey-faced-Leia low standards)....

    I'm crossing my fingers that one of the excellent sculpters at Hasbro nails down one of the greatest ESB characters ever!

    *Any one else feel as I do about Yoda...or ANY other character for that matter? (Don't even get me started on the cruelty to Han.)
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    I agree full heartedly. The only two yodas I'v ever seen that I thought captured the character are the 1980 version which is rather hard to find, and the 1996 POTF yoda.

    EVERY single one since then has been an easy pass for me. I truly want a defenitive version to display with my Empire Strikes Back figures, but it looks like once again I will probably not get it.

    And yeah, Han is just as bad. Chewbacca used to be terrible, but the recent really tall version of him looks sweet. Just need a version of him with a new head sculpt to match Chewbacca's look in ROTJ and I'd be thrilled.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neuroleptic View Post
    Just need a version of him with a new head sculpt to match Chewbacca's look in ROTJ and I'd be thrilled.
    They released that version back in 2004 for the VOTC collection and have rereleased him a couple of times for Saga Legends.

    As for Yoda, I agree that the prequels completely ruined any interest I might have once had in the character; but I would still like to see a true ESB version of him again.
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