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    Batman 3 title announced!

    The Dark Knight Rises will be the official title of Nolan's third film in his reinvented Batman franchise. Christian Bale is expected to return in the title role; no villian is announced as yet...although the Riddler has been rumoured.
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    The article in my newspaper said that the Riddler had been ruled out. Bane as the cruel villian, rather than the buffoon henchman, would work for me.

    Who've been villians in the newest Batman run?
    - Joker (love to see him back, but hard to imagine anyone approaching Leger's portrayal)
    - Ras A'Gul [sp?]
    - Scarecrow
    - Two Face (although not developed much at all)
    - ?? (blanking out on others, especially if they were just briefly shown or referenced)

    Who wouldn't work well as a villain?
    - Penguin (too campy)
    - Mr. Freeze (see above, perhaps)
    - Riddler (unless it was a dark, violent version I guess)
    - Tweedle Dee and Dum (uh...)

    Who's left?
    - Catwoman
    - Clayface
    - Killer Croc
    - Poison Ivy
    - ?? (blanking out a lot lately... )
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    The Riddler was ruled out by Nolan at the same time he announced the title.

    ?? (blanking out on others, especially if they were just briefly shown or referenced)
    Mostly minor bad guys: Serial killer Zsasz was in Batman Begins as were gangster Carmine Falcone and thug Joe Chill. And rival gangster Sal Maroni was in The Dark Knight.

    I think the Penguin could work as a ruthless businessman/mob boss (rather than the Danny Devito's mutant politician). Catwoman and Killer Croc are also decent possibilities.
    With the way Nolan has realistically reinvented these villains (with his very dark Joker having face paint rather than chemically bleached skin and with Ra's al Ghul there were only vague implications of his immortality), I don't any reason he can't do any Bat-villain well.

    I'd love to see Joker come back, even in cameo form, possibly orchestrating chaos from inside Arkham with a the new villain (whomever that may be) on the outside. But bringing Joker back would be blasphemy to far too many. I could easily see Joseph Gordon Levitt (the previously rumored Riddler) being able to take over the mantle of Joker. And toss in a bit of Harley Quinn for good measure.
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    Rocky beat me to the minor villains. Killer Croc and Deadshot also appeared in the forgettable cartoon spinoff that supposedly takes place between movies.

    I'd personally love to see the Bane/Azrael story done right. Or even just Bane done right.

    Some totally off-the-wall goofy villain in a cameo would be interesting, sort of the reverse of the "idiots imitating Batman" angle. I'm thinking someone totally absurd, like Kite Man or Calendar Man or even the Music Meister.
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    I really hope it would be The Riddler. A movie like one of those killers-who-call-the-hero-cop-with-tasks-to-do-in-order-to-save-hostages would be intense.

    Instead, there are of course riddles to solve just to be able to complete The Riddler's tasks.

    While not a particular "looker" of an actor, it would be great if they could coax the performance of a lifetime out of that guy from Dark Knight who wanted to blackmail Wayne. It would be most interesting in that the villain would be more like "everyday Joe" (but with a treacherous mind) instead of being played by a (male actor) super-model type (like how Liam Neeson was used to bring fans into theaters). This movie would have all the Batman action and effects, but be performance based.

    The guy in Dark Knight wasn't given a huge script to act from, and he was supposed to be a "naive nerd type."

    Meanwhile, along the lines of re-defining villains for a reality series, Mr. Freeze could be interesting if he wasn't wearing a helmet and temperature control suit permanently in the movie. Of course they'd show his origins and how he gets to be that way, and perhaps he's wearing a hazmat suit or something at some point when Batman faces him?

    I don't know if anyone could top Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman in Batman Returns. I honestly don't want to see it done. Like Heath Ledger owns the Joker in the new franchise, Pfeiffer's performance with Michael Keaton was classic!

    I agree with Rocketboy about The Penguin. He can have birth defects, though. I'm not sure about the heavy makeup and everything they did to Danny DeVito though - and I'm really not sure about robot (or trained) penguins. It's better as a nickname than an actual animal trainer.

    The Nolan films are less about supernatural villains but rather about psychotic terrorists.

    I'd prefer it stayed that way.
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    The Burton movie was the only time Penguin had any physical abnormality (well, aside from the TAS version, which was visually based heavily on the movie). He's supposed to just be a fat guy. At least a guy who looks fat. He's mostly muscle, but disdains physical violence.

    The Riddler is just stupid. Every attempt to make him cool fails. The only two times in history when he didn't suck were when Bane pumped him up with Venom and then his men shot him, or at the end of Hush, where he'd finally figured out Batman's identity and was set up to be a mastermind villain, and then nothing happened with that. One old story ("Dark Knight, Dark City") was an attempt to make him dark, and is getting a lot of after-the-fact praise now, but no matter how much Grant Morrison and his disciples like the story, it sucked eggs.

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    I thought the first film belonged to Bruce Wayne and the second belonged to the Joker...I think this 3rd should go to Batman, so it's not so important to top Joker with a mega-villain....a gangster Penguin, petty-thief Catwoman, or ugly-thug Croc would work.
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    I'm a little ticked that they wasted Two-Face in TDK. (That and the ridiculous "tell 'em I killed the cops!" twist were why I think that movie was inferior to the first.)

    They had a pretty good thing going with using villains that paralleled a deeper theme: Scarecrow in a movie about fears, Joker in a movie about the darkest depths of human nature. Two-Face in a movie about the duality of Batman and Bruce Wayne would have seemed natural. Instead, they wasted him as a subplot in the Joker's movie.

    And who is a good enough villain to follow up the Joker? No one. Catwoman and Penguin come closest, but, really, Joker and Two-Face are in a league of their own when it comes to Batman villains.
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    This just in: Chux signs on as Robin!
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    And Chux's wife wins an Oscar for Best Costume Design. :mabs:
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