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    BMF......opened for now......

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    I need another BMF.....just to play with

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    Quote Originally Posted by JediTricks View Post

    Also, the AT-ST looks good with it in your shots, I've been thinking about doing something similar but didn't have the room to leave it that way.
    Thanks! Having fun with the new camera
    It's hard to tell from the pics but the AT-ST really is almost entirely underneath the BAT-AT. In that pose there's probably about an inch of clearance between the AT-ST's roof and the BAT-AT's first-stage hydraulic strut thingies. That thing is just so freakin' HUGE! And as for display room, I'm lucky that A. there's lots of shelf space in our home because B. my wife loves toys as much as I do. In fact she's to blame for bringing the BMF and BAT-AT into our house, so she has no choice but to accept their presence in our lives

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    Oh, heck yeah! I open 98% of my toys for display and play purposes.

    The photos look good!!!
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