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    Talking The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

    Here's my 2 cents:

    The Good - I finally have one. I never had an original. It fills a hole in my collection and goes nicely w/ the other Ties.

    The Bad - The head on my pilot is very loose. I think he's drunk! However the wings are fairly snug.

    The Ugly - $30.00, I think they are way overpriced. I still bought one, though.

    Doesn't it seem as thought Hasbro had intended for electronics in this version. What are the clear pieces on the solar panels for?

    Snake, as for the color. All three of my ties are different shades of blue. I don't know what the deal is.

    Bacta is blue. Where's the red come in?
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    Wobbly Heads

    Yes MANY of the TIE Interceptors "Exclusive Pilots" have wobbly heads, but not all. I have bought 3 and 2 were loose.

    The panels all seemed the same to me. Tighter than the vintage but still a tad loose, I can live with that.

    My question is, Why does Hasbro insist on giving us JUNK "Exclusive figures"?

    The Y-Wing Pilot was OK, just a generic Rebel Piltot. Though they could have given him a removable helmet for the price they were asking.

    B-Wing, and Excellent ship! But the Figure was just a recycled pilot from the Rebel Pilot Cinema Scene. All they did was paint his gloves and boots! And not very well, they missed a spot on mine, inbetween the fingers! I could have done and better job customizing him myself!

    TIE Interceptor, already mentioned...enough said.

    These things do not bode well for future ships with "Exclusive Figures". If Hasbro keeps this up I will quite buying ships alltogether!
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