Well, I am fairly pleased with this rerelease. The paint deco is excellent, the redone panels are great, and the overall look is quite good - it also comes with one suck-***** pack-in figure.

I'm not going to get too crazy w/ this review. This is essentially the vintage ship and still has a couple of the same problems, namely: the panels, which fit well into the main body of the ship, but do wobble 'slightly' - not a problem to any real extent, but it is there. The cockpit looks ok, the sticker used for the controls still looks, well, stickery. The body, as we all know, has not be remolded, so the same old batery compartment is there and this is my only beef with this piece - as cool as it is, the previously mention battery compartment kinda kills the look of the new deco (on the wings even, there are newly added clear clip 'thingees' - don't know really how to explain them, other to say there on the top part of the panel towars the back). As a whole, I am quite please with the 'new' Tie Interceptor.

The same cannot be said for the pilot, which I expected to be the same fig but with articulated knees. I was wrong. The main body is essentially the same, with two exceptions: the new neck pin and the new knees with the same boot on both legs. For whatever reason, Hasbro gave this new and 'unique' Tie pilot a very long and thin neck pin which causes the head to bobble about very violently. It felt like it was about to pop off in my hand when I touched it. Hasbro has put one of those rubber band deals around the head in the package to keep it from moving. When you take the band off, it looks like the pilot is having a spasm attack or something. One other problem (on my pilot at least - I could have been 'lucky' and gotten a fatory error fig, but my fig has the same boot piece below the knee. It looks like the same foot on both his right and left leg. On the back of the package, the legs appear to have both right and left feet... I dunno if others are like this or not.

As a whole this is a great ship with another crappy pack-in fig, of which I hope hasbro stops making. Every pack-in fig has totally sucked with all of these exclusive ships.