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  1. - The initial Force Unleashed figures were released well before the actual game, and many of the cooler figures sold quickly and were hard to find by the time the game was released. Of the major characters, the Jumptrooper, Evo Trooper, Vader, and Galen Marek have seen a few re-releases, while Juno Eclipse (sadly) still languishes on store shelves in many areas. One figure that was never re-released though is Rahm Kota, who was one of the first figures to vanish upon the initial release, and has since appeared in other Star Wars media, including a different video game. Given that he is likely to appear in a major role in The Force Unleashed II later this year and the 2 exclusive TFU 5-packs were released in May, are there any chances Kota might be re-released as a Greatest Hits figure, or perhaps even updated with a new, more actor-accurate and 'blinded' head sculpt, as well as a deactivated saber hilt for his shoulder scabbard?
  2. - Force FX has entered a new phase with the removable blade series, and so far we've seen the first couple waves. Thanks to Clone Wars, female characters are back on the rise in Star Wars and bringing in more female collectors - Ahsoka especially has been selling very well. What does the future of Force FX look like? What are the chances of Ahsoka's lightsaber being added to the Force FX line, better opening that market up to female consumers and getting Clone Wars main character recognizability?
  3. - In the upcoming Battle Over Endor multipacks, you've included a figure of Lt. Yong, the Y-wing pilot from ROTJ that flies (and dies) under the handle Gray 3, but the torso used on the figure is the existing B-wing pilot design rather than a Y-wing pilot torso. On the ROTJ Y-wing pilot costume, the collar is different and the chest box and apron are more like the POTF2 Lt. Yong figure (at the time he was misidentified as Arvel Crynyd, but it was Yong's helmet, face, and Y-wing pilot torso and apron just in the wrong color - red instead of gray). Is this new Lt. Yong using the B-wing pilot torso a mistake, or just a cost-saving measure? In either case, if there are future ROTJ Y-wing pilot figures down the line, will we get a new movie-accurate torso for them with the unique costume chest box and apron, and closed collar?
  4. - You have this nice new Qui-Gon Jinn figure that came out in the Jedi Evolution set, and has been re-released in the nifty Eopie mail-away set, yet both times the figure has been marred by including the blobby 1999 lightsaber accessory. Luke Jedi keeps coming out with either repaints of the ROTS Obi-Wan's lightsabers (which has different details), or worse, the blobby Obi-Wan POTJ saber from 2000. Both the '99 Qui-Gon and '00 Obi-Wan as Luke Jedi sabers also have the old smooth blade design without the flare on top of their soft hilt sculpting, and both Qui-Gon and Luke Jedi actually had better saber accessories designed during the Saga line, yet we never get them. And what about one of the most iconic lightsabers in recent SW memory, Darth Maul? There is no modern-quality version at all, the closest is the '02 Saga metal hilt with removable blades, but the blades break easily, so we haven't seen it in a while, and it's a bit long. We don't have a deactivated one to hang on a belt, don't have a 1-blade-activated version, don't have a "cut in half" version, Maul is pretty lacking for his weapon. Why are we getting old junky saber accessories with the modern versions of these guys? Why aren't we seeing better, more accurate lightsaber accessories for some of these fairly major, recognizable Jedi characters? And will these issues be addressed soon?
  5. - With TVC, fans have been anticipating figures that should have been included in the classic Kenner line but didn't get done. One of these highly-anticipated additions was the Sandtrooper, however the actual carded figure that we received in TVC wave 2 leaves a lot to be desired, beyond the clean paint job issue. For one, the choke warning box not only cuts off the top of the iconic Luke & Leia image that was a signature of the early card designs, but it actually cuts into the main Star Wars logo itself. Then there is the problem with the orange field behind the figure being significantly too short and not lining up properly with the bubble. Finally, fans are disappointed at the decision to use an image from the Special Edition of ANH for the card photo (where the trooper is covering up his face with an accessory that isn't even included with the toy), instead of a picture from the original release of the film. Can the choke warning box be moved or made less intrusive so it's not interfering with the artwork, and can we expect to see future rereleases of this figure with a better, non-Special Edition, card photo (with maybe different pauldron colors for the figure itself)?
  6. - Yavin ceremony Han Solo is finally coming soon, and it's long overdue. Hasbro imagery has come out for the figure, and unfortunately what's shown isn't remotely accurate. In the film, Han is wearing a different shirt for the ceremony than he wears the rest of the time - it has no seam anywhere on the front all the way up to the top, and the collar is flipped down under the pressed vest. However, this upcoming figure is shown using the '04 VOTC body with rumpled vest, the shirt with the open collar and shorter sleeves, and it's using the unfortunate recent Death Star likeness which is a different expression and hairstyle, meaning Han's going to look like a schlub at the ceremony. It's understandable that this figure was put together quickly, using existing parts to get it out fast, but it's regrettable and disappointing. Is there any hope that the figure will get a more-accurate update at some point in the future - if not a running change, then some other release down the road?
  7. - A couple of POTF2-era favorites now have the opportunity to get updated to modern quality without a significant investment, that of Orrimaarko and the Mon Calamari officer. Orrimaarko really would be easy based off the recent Major Panno figure with an eyepatch and slight changes to the deco, and the third and final briefing room Dressellian would be an even easier recolor. The Mon Calamari officer would mainly just a new helmet, deco, and rank badge change to the new Admiral Ackbar figure - there's even room for multiple deco changes since the Mon Cals had different skin patterns in the film. These updates would go a long way towards filling out the Death Star 2 briefing and the Home One bridge during the battle while minimizing tooling costs. Would any of these ideas be in our foreseeable future?
  8. - Vader's TIE Advanced X1 has been using the same POTF2 mold for over 13 years now, and the design is showing its age. The cockpit hatch is all wrong, the window is too small, the implementation of action gimmicks hurts the movie-accuracy and just aren't that fun, the cockpit isn't terribly accurate or sized that well to modern Vader figures, and the color is the blue-gray color of ESB and ROTJ rather than the proper gray color of ANH - the only film it was in. This is Vader's signature vehicle, it should at least live up to the quality of the other vehicles in the line, much less represent one of the brand's top characters - especially since the Hasbro SW team's vehicle designs have been so good lately too. What are the chances of seeing something done to address those issues on Vader's TIE Advanced X1 in the foreseeable future?
  9. - A few years ago, we asked about the chance for updating the role-play Han Solo Blaster and Stormtrooper Blaster accessories, and your response was a not at that time because they weren't supported by then-current entertainment. The existing role-play Stormtrooper and Han blasters are molds from the late '70s, now technically 5 decades old. While they do have some pretty decent design for items from that era, compared to Hasbro's newer role-play blasters, they come up a bit lacking in accuracy and features. We don't expect all-black movie accuracy due to safety concerns, but on those 2, the seams are a bit uncomfortable to hold, the lights and sounds don't deliver all that effectively and don't rapid-fire nicely; and on the Stormtrooper blaster, the stock is still missing in action, and there's never been a clip. With ANH being re-released next year on Blu-Ray, and in theaters in a few years, it seems like there are going to be opportunities to deliver updated versions of those 2 iconic blasters in the role-play lineup, so is there any chance of seeing that happen?
  10. - In late 2010, you released 2 new TIE Fighters, the small-wing ESB-color TIE Fighter in vintage box, and the updated Walmart-exclusive TIE Bomber, neither of which came with a packed-in pilot figure - the Bomber is the first above-starfighter-pricepoint TIE exclusive to be released without a pack-in pilot figure. At the time of these latest TIE Fighter releases, the only TIE Pilot figure available was in the limited edition Target-exclusive 9-pack, with later opportunities being just the 2 TRU-exclusive Endor Pilots 4-packs scheduled for January 2011 - those are fairly limited avenues for the backbone of the Imperial Navy, many casual collectors won't even know about those sets and thus will have no pilots for their TIEs. The most current TIE Pilot figure is from the Evolutions mold, which has awkward hips and no ankle articulation, and the wrong jumpsuit texture design; meanwhile, your recent Imperial Scanning Trooper figure is nearly perfect for the TIE Pilot needs since they're the same costume in the films and that figure looks better, it just needs gloves, chest armor, a different head and a helmet, and maybe a slight retool of the left upper arm to remove the code cylinders. Will there be a less limited way to get Pilots for the recent TIE Fighters coming up, specifically a basic-carded release like TVC or Saga Legends? And what about that being a new figure using the Scanning Trooper body?
  11. - We understand the need to anchor the Vintage line with core characters in order to preserve the longevity of the toy line, but what about at least changing up the cardback images to give the longtime collectors something to get excited about? For instance, we know we don't have to twist your arm very hard to get you to rerelease a Darth Vader figure; but would you consider repacking the current TVC figure on a Star Wars card or, even better, on a ROTJ card with a Sebastian Shaw 'Vader Unmasked' reference photo (the figure could be packed in the bubble with his helmet off)? We know you're doing this with the Luke Jedi figure, but that's more a case of expressing the right version of the character to match that figure; this would serve the dual purpose of keeping the core characters in circulation for the casual collectors while giving the hardcore collectors something else to look forward to. Package variations existed back in the original line with different backs, and under different movie lines, and a few even had different pictures, so there is classic justification for it.
  12. - With themed waves going away, what will be the general method for planning new waves? It used to be a school of thought that said "1 army builder, 1 alien, 1 main character" et cetera, but that was when the choices for that wave were merely from a single movie scene rather than the entirety of Star Wars. What aspects will upcoming wave planning keep from the last 3 years, and what will change?
  13. - Sgt. Bric's initial cartoon outing turned out to be kind of a bust. The character was an unmemorable jerk and didn't really add anything to his storyline. In fact, if not for the action figure you guys did, he'd be a complete nobody in 2010. And on top of that, the postage on his set when it arrived in Los Angeles was a whopping $5.15, so after the cost of the box and the handling, just getting it out the door probably ate the entire $6.99 right there. Combine that with the fancy packaging and the battle mat, and the fact that he's 100% new tooling with some pricey-looking (for CW) paint, and it seems like Bric's quite an expensive promotional venture for Hasbro to have undertaken... all for a minor jerk of a character. What is it about Bric that made you choose him for a big Clone Wars mail-away promo figure?
  14. - From early pictures, it appears the upcoming R5-D4 figure will not have the painted red panels on his back. That might sound like a minor issue, but the panels are clearly visible in the film when the droid's motivator blows up, and they help give the little guy a bit more visual pop. Neither the 1996 nor the 2006 versions of R5-D4 had these painted either, so it's disappointing to see that the third time is not the charm (though it remains a detail that the original vintage figure got right). Given the number of running changes we've seen so far in The Vintage Collection, is it at all possible that this oversight might be changed on future shipments?
  15. - The Force FX lightsabers are targeted at adult collectibles, for a group who generally desire accuracy in their prop collectibles, and yet the latest ROTS Obi-Wan's lightsaber with removable blade suffers a big inaccuracy due to the blade needing to be securely anchored. However, with your removable-blade designs, you've started using dummy parts to fill in the removed blades, and we wonder if you'd consider for future thin-necked lightsabers like Luke ROTJ and Obi-Wan having the removable blade take the entire thick "neck" with it and having a more accurate thin-necked dummy design replace it. That much weight anchoring has been accomplished before in the thick metal coupler for the Maul saber halves that screwed together, on these thin-neck sabers the neck could screw down to the top part of the grip. That would let collectors have their cake and eat it too by giving an accurate hilt prop display with the thin neck, while still having the light-up blade play using the thick neck. So has there been any consideration for that sort of thing, and might it be seen in future Force FX sabers when needed?

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