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    Target Hoth Battle Packs on clearance!!!!!!

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    Thats a shame, seeing nice fun stuff hit clearance is not good for us.

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    Yesterday, at my Target, vintage figures were $6.00! But no ROTJ wave.
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    We scored the new AT AT (I guess it's a "vintage" vehicle) at Sam's Club for $49.00 Saturday...last one on the shelf!
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    For those who haven't been in a Target this week, the Geonosis Arena 2-packs are on sale for $6.99. Great deal for two figures, many available nowhere else. Sale ends Saturday.

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    I have been to four different walmarts within the last two days. Two of those stores had their saga legends clearance priced at $5. I also had a few coupons, so I picked up several snowtroopers, 501st clones, shock troopers, and AOTC style clones. Also grabbed an extra electronic R2, Jango, and Maul for my kid. Clone Wars and Vintage were regular price.

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    I have seen more different figures on the pegs in the last week or so, but none of the ones I might even consider shelling out almost ten bucks each to buy (Padme, Jango, Anakin). I've come close with Lando or the Weequay or the Senate Guard, but seeing those numbers after the $ on the peg ends... Saw some of the new CW wave for the first time today, but again...
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