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    Found all of this wave except for Jango at WM the other day, but at $8 a pop, the only figures that I bought were the Senate guard and Zam. I normally would have bought 2 senate guards, but at these prices, there's not enough incentive to go there.

    For you variant chasers, the Senate guard figures they had (3) were all the far-away portrait.

    The senate guard is ok, it's a bit odd to see the body underneath is mostly the same as the ROTS release from 6 years ago though - the only difference is new arms, but not even new gloves, and better hand articulation would have been nice considering how challenging a pose this figure needs to take there. There's a lot of cloak to work with, and the outer cloak's unusual felt material doesn't fold the way this costume needs, but it has the texture it requires, so it's a workable trade off. The new shoulders have asymmetrical armor from each other, not unlike the Clone Wars counterpart. The big selling point is the new helmet and head design, there's a separate face under the helmet and it looks great, but instead of doing some annoying oversized removable helmet, they simply opted for a partial head beneath, and it works better. The coloring on this figure is more accurate, but won't mesh well with the previous version. All in all, a good figure, but the lack of folds in the cloak keep me from really going over the moon for it.

    Zam has 2 heads, the clawdite one is almost spot-on, the bifurcated nose and hollow cheeks really sell it - the eyes are good, but not quite the rotation, and the jaw line is too wide, and it's a bit too green, but those are small compared to what does work. The human one is decent, but out of the helmet it's a bit too wide, and something about the mouth makes it look older than it should. The outfit is well sculpted, although the pants are sculpted and painted like the top, which isn't accurate, they should be a thinner material that hugs a little better, and a little lighter in color. Her belt has a holster, but it's entirely useless for her blaster, too narrow for the gun's weak barrel. The figure is super articulated, although the standard wrists don't provide quite enough range to use the sniper rifle well.

    The big selling point on this figure, in Hasbro's mind apparently, is the helmet. The helmet is removable, has both the folded down and folded up scarf, and movable microbinocs. That's a lot of stuff going on. Unfortunately, the helmet is a tad bulky to cover all those bases, and the face-covering version of the scarf is even bulkier. The real problem I have though is a total blunder of the microbinocs, they are not only too bulky, but the armature is shaped wrong so instead of sitting above the helmet, it sits in front of it, covering up the helmet and looking altogether inaccurate. Frustratingly, if they had simply addressed the angle of a few things, they could have gotten it RIGHT (the armature going behind the helmet) and still made them usable.

    All in all, Zam is a figure a good figure, but with a few elements that really keep it from being a star.
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    Saw Padme (again), Obi-Wan, and Zam today. I think it's the wait we've had around here, combined with the price hike and the fact they're from the weakest SW movie, but I just couldn't pull the trigger.

    Zam looked quite nice, though, and there's no way she could be worse than either 2002 figure (and those two were the only two, right?).
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    Got most of this wave yesterday from HTS and I'm a little disappointed in the Kit Fisto figure. The lower torso just will not stay connected to the upper torso, like the ball is too small for the hole.... Anyone else noticing this or did I just get a bum figure?
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    That's a Kit Fisto figure stays together fine and he gets played with by a 5-year-old.

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    I finally saw some of this wave yesterday, after none for weeks. Alas, none of the few figs I would actually buy were on the pegs, though, so no re-investing in the local community for me.
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    Noticed a running change to the Senate Guard. In the Wave 6 shipments, the picture on the card has changed to a long shot, as opposed to the close-up from the Wave 4 assortments. Still didn't pick him up, but I thought some folks might be interested.
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