I have it from a reliable source that here are the 2011 waves (to start the year with):

These are in the current database for Vintage after the recent Jedi wave:

Vintage 2010: Kit Fisto
Vintage 2010: Zam Wessel
Vintage 2010: Obi-Wan Kenobi
Vintage 2010: Peasant Anakin
Vintage 2010: Peasant Padme
Vintage 2010: Jango Fett
Vintage 2010: Senate Security Guard
Vintage 2010: Mace Windu
Vintage 2010: Super Battle Droid

Vintage 2011: R5-D4
Vintage 2011: Luke Skywalker with Grappling Hook
Vintage 2011: Han Solo with Medal
Vintage 2011: Stormtrooper
Vintage 2011: Luke Skywalker
Vintage 2011: Bom Vimdin
Vintage 2011: Ponda Baba
Vintage 2011: Dr. Cornelius Evezan
Vintage 2011: Rebel Blockade Trooper

Vintage 2011: Vintage AT-RT Driver
Vintage 2011: Utapau Clone Trooper
Vintage 2011: Bariss Offee
Vintage 2011: Commander Gree
Vintage 2011: Aayla Sacura
Vintage 2011: 501st Clone Trooper
Vintage 2011: Fi-Ek Sirch (Nikto JedI)
Vintage 2011: Captain Fordo
Vintage 2011: Nom Anor

Vintage 2011: Barada “Kithaba”
Vintage 2011: Weequay Skiff Master
Vintage 2011: Princess Leia “Tatooine Sandstorm”
Vintage 2011: Lando Calrissian General
Vintage 2011: Logray*
Vintage 2011: Bespin Han Solo

I bolded the figures that I'm excited about.

I don't "collect them" like some of you guys do, but figures like Nom Anor I'll surely buy multiples of to represent the character in several different dioramas (vs Mara Jade, vs Jaina Solo, vs Kir Kanos, etc)

*Logray is not on my want list. However, if I can use him (or my older Logray figure in "disguise" ) to broaden my number of Ewoks in my Endor diorama, than I'm all for getting 2-3 of him. The Jabba Guards are Army Builders as well.

The Leia Sandstorm is a Slave Leia wrapped in a cloak or blanket for protection from the sandstorm that hits the Tatooine Skiff as the Rebels leave the scene of Jabba the Hutt's distruction at the Sarlaac Pit. She'll be "vintage carded." So some of you might get a big thrill out of collecting that one.

Figures like Aayla, Zam, Mace, Lando General, etc. I just don't need. I already have some version of them. But the new vintage style cards will be interesting to look at when I pass them by in the store.