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    Made it by my local Kmart to check out this sale...only the vintage and the legends figures were marked as BOGO...and the selection was petty slim.

    I did pick up the ROTJ "Wooof" (what a dumb name...he'll always be "Klaatu" to me) which was evidence that the new wave had made an appearance in my area. Nothing else but ESB and ROTS stuff on very beat-up cards.

    Just don't have the time to hit stores for stuff like I used's been pretty intense I hope that Jedi wave shows up "in force" soon...looking forward to finding some more of that one....

    Still thankful for that great deal on the AT-AT that Kmart featured a few weeks back...

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    Went this early evening and found a pretty beaten up CW display of almost no figures. Th aisle section had a few Vintage figs, but none that I wanted, even at $4.50 each. I might try again this week, but if I don't it's no big deal (pun intended).
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    And some underprivileged kid in my neck of the woods is getting Greedo and IG-88.
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    The only ones I have gotten so far are a saga legends snowtrooper and saga legends geonosian battle droid two pack. Three figures!!! Ha, ha!! I bought one and got TWO free.
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