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    Star Wars Figures at K-Mart BOGO Free Starting Tomorrow?

    Can anyone confirm the rumor that K-Mart is having a sale starting tomorrow on Star Wars figures? Supposedly, the sale is going to be Buy One Get One on all figures.

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    At K-Mart's prices, that should bring them down to normal levels!

    But, seriously, I would be able to confirm this when they post tomorrow's ad, but anyone else can at this point. (I can't understand why stores don't at the very least post them at 9 PM on Saturday. Their stores are closed; no one can go in until Sunday, when the sales apply anyway.)
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    RS lists it as a fact, but has no evidence to back it up. I guess it might be worth a trip there just to check it out.
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    Figures here are $8.99 each at BOGO would make these roughly $4.50 each at this rate. This would be by far the cheapest the Vintage Collection has been yet.

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    Well, young whippersnappers, I can help you out. [fluffs newspaper, a la dad with his pipe circa 1962] Let's see here... K-Mart ad [looks through newspaper advertisements]... should be here... always is one of those... I don't always look through it carefully... sometimes it's just the cover, sometimes scanning through the pages... hmm. No K-Mart ad today; maybe they forgot it. Or didn't print one. Sorry there, sport. Can't help you out. Go ask your mother.

    [Internet update] According to the K-mart "website" (I use quotation marks, because it said the closest store to me was about 18 miles away, ignoring the one 4 miles down the street, and said "no products found matching star wars" in Toys & Games), it does show Iron Man 2 and SW figures at that sale price (even shows some Mandolarian character with a KM sticker [exclusives; oh joy] featured).
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    AT-AT on sale at K-Mart for $75.00

    GH AT-AT on sale for $31.00

    I did not see anything about figures. I will stop by today and take a look.
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    I found the ROTJ wave at K-Mart and grabbed what I needed. The Legends and CW had stickers calling out the BOGO sale but Vintage did not. I took them up to the register and... BOGO! I wish they'd had more Gam Guards.
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    My Kmart didn't have much new, but I did get yet another AOTC clone and SBD. Hopefully they'll restock before the end of the week.
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    Confirmed out here as well. I stopped by tonight qand found they had the Vintage marked BOGO.

    There were about 9 or so figures on beat up cards. I bought 4 for the price of 2 and now have enough to send out for a mail away Fett.

    $4.50 for openers is a good price. I bought Cloud Car Pilot, Zuckuss, Dengar, and General Veers (AT-AT Driver).

    Also, my local K-Mart opens at 8:00 a.m. so I will be able to stop by on my way to work every morning this week to hunt for cheap figures.
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    This was a pretty great deal, even though I really don't have the money. I got Woooooof! and the Hoth Han Solo, Sandtrooper, BaR2-D2, Rebel Commando and Admiral Ackbar. Most figs I bought for a while. Yeah!
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