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    The BMF is pretty much too large for "whoosh-ability."

    However, the B-Slave-One is not and a hinged handle could have been added around the the back of the starship, so it folded in, and did not interfere with the "authentic" asthetics.

    I wish I could illustrate this, but I'm not feeling patient enough to do the artwork. However, I can visualize this.

    In spite of that fact, there is 'cost' to account for. I'm not sure (Mark B?) didn't look at a "flight handle" for this ship. He designed the previous versions. But it obviously didn't make it in.

    The ship is NOT so much a playset, in that its cockpit and wings are designed to operate in landing and flight modes, so the intention that it be lifted is obviously there.

    Hoping the design generates enough returns in its present state that a re-investment in its tooling can be part of an ESB re-release, I'd like:

    1. a handle
    2. the new paint scheme for Boba in ESB of course
    3. new weapons - the Gattling gun missile launcer offered on the AOTC version rocked!
    4. carbon frozen Solo - or better yet - the release of a carded Han figure that fits in the carbonite block (which in turn fits in the ESB ship) released at approximately the same time.
    5. The vintage packaging I saw suggested in a Q&A is an awesome idea: it would have that orange flavor to it, with the new Bespin Wing Guard figures recreating the figure diorama (of loading carbon-frozen Solo) with the stormtroopers and Fett as was done in the 80's.

    I don't care about the packaging much myself, because I open the vehicles I buy, but how cool would that be?!

    Also, since a Jedi Starfighter need not be included with the ESB paint scheme - how about THIS:

    1. Han Solo freezing platform / Sarlaac battle SA action figure
    2. binders
    3. extra hands that snap in place like 1998 Bespin Luke began - but these hands in the "Help I'm frozen!" position, the other pair capable of holding his skiff guard's blaster
    4. the back of the carbonite block with the empty cavity that Han's body fell out of
    5. a front of the carbonite block with clear parts of the plastic so you can see the figure inside the "coffin" just like the original vintage POTF figure
    6. the front of the carbonite block duplicated again, this time with red tint to the clear parts, simulating Han's "unfreezing" - or do the part above this way.
    7. a solid-color front of the carbonite block that fits over the SA Han figure, but looks completely frozen - just the way it looks on Cloud City when Boba Fett has the coffin loaded

    This would all fit in a new Slave-One box that can even be smaller than the one released currently with the Jedi Starfighter packed in.

    Slave-One does only 2 things (primarily) in the 2 films its featured in:

    1. Attacks Obi-Wan's Jedi Starfighter (AOTC)
    2. Carries away Han Solo's frozen body (ESB)

    We don't need a repack with Obi-Wan's starfighter from AOTC - though some day Hasbro could try this for new fans who might not even be born yet.

    But I think us "old guys" want the ultimate ESB version.

    Sold in vintage style packaging with the modern figures in a diorama on the box (like Lando and Lobot even!) would look super-sweet!

    The Frozen Han - super deluxe figure - would rock.

    The Clone Wars version featured 5 figures.

    ESB could in a way:

    1. Boba
    2. Han
    3. Carb block back
    4. Carb block fronts (2)
    5. stormtrooper

    - The Bespin Guards and Lobot (perhaps NOT Lando - you could include him) might not be as dynamic for younger buyers.

    Remember, CW included:

    1. Boba
    2. Bossk
    3. Mace's Astromech
    4. Anakin
    5. Mace

    and their accessories.

    Bossk was a brand new figure thus far.

    And they included their weapons.

    Han would be the brand new figure this time around.

    And include his extra "I'm frozen!" hands.

    The carbonite tops (clear and opaque) would not require articulation and multiple parts even!

    It's about time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JediTricks View Post
    They are concerned about whooshability though, that's why the Falcon has the removable battle-escape-pod.
    I was always a "nee-ahhwww-ability" or "bbbsssshhhhkkk-ability" person, myself.

    I can see the Kenner-style pack-in sheet: "We Really Do Care... About Whooshability."
    "May the 4th be with you?" "Why yes, thank you for asking."

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    Cool pictures, JabbaJohn. Thanks for sharing. I especially like Bariss.
    BAD Pts Need: R5-C7 lf leg (x2), , R4-P44 right leg BAD Pts Offered For Trade: PM me - I have lots of parts now including BG-J38!. New Kyle Katarn is also available.

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    Sure thing.

    But wait! There's more!

    This picture shows Ahsoka, Anakin, Aqua Droid, and Clone Commander Wolffe. This one has Riot Control Clone Trooper, Eeth Koth, and Clone Commander Colt.

    Anakin and Ahsoka are based on their new Season Three looks. Ahsoka has both lightsabers and unlit hilts. They all look pretty sweet!

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    Guess I cant quit buying for my kid yet............look too cool, hehehehe

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    I'll definitely be getting El Les, Aqua Droid X?, Ahsoka, Riot Clone, & Cmdr. Colt.

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