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    Seeing this thread reminds me that the line feels entirely adrift right now. The last figure I bought was in April when I moved into the new place, first figure I bought here. I haven't seen a hint of newer figures, I don't even know what wave is scheduled after it. Looking at the case listings on EE, there isn't a wave 8 shown, my area has been suffering wave 7 for almost the whole year, wave 9 has lightly hit and the good figures are quickly scooped up while the pegwarmers in the case pile up, and wave 10 isn't due for another 2 months, along with waves 11 and 12! What happened? This was such a fun line to collect the last few years, then it's like they just fell straight on their face at Hasbro.

    From the wave 7 up to wave 12, this is what I've been interested in:

    wave 7:
    - Cad Bane (v2) w/ Todo-360 (bought, ok but not standout, becoming a pegwarmer)
    - Hevy in training gear (bought, not as good as hoped, becoming a pegwarmer)

    wave 8:

    wave 9:
    - riot clone (bought, good, not great due to using old body with new-body-specific accessory)
    - Cmdr Colt (can't find)

    wave 10:
    - Cmdr Jet
    - Savage Opress no armor (not sure if I want)

    wave 11:
    - [FONT=Arial]Seripas
    - Stealth Clone (maybe)
    - Capt Rex w/ Jetpack (maybe)

    wave 12:
    - Savage Opress in armor

    That's a pretty pitiful showing from the 5 waves that make up the first 2/3rds of 2011.[/FONT]
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    I just noticed that some of the new Deluxe Figure plus vehicles sets (or whatever they are calling them now) are up on hasbrotoyshop and thought I'd pass it along.

    Based on a review from another website, the Grievous figure included with the wheel bike is a new figure. Apparently, many of the problems we all had with the CW10-General Grievous have been addressed in this release.

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    I found Seripas today at Target. I had read that it was an awesome figure and I liked him in that episode.
    The Kit Fisto in cold weather gear on the other hand, what a craptastic figure! Good grief his head is connected to his neck that moves together with the coat collar. Who came up with that idea? I haven't seen such an ugly looking discombobulated sculpt like that in a long time.
    I saw CW Saeese Tin, but I couldn't buy him today at $8+ a figure.
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    Target was having a sale on figures a day after I just bought a Serpas for full pop. I saved a little less than a dollar so whatever.
    Found Plo Koon in arctic gear. this figure looks cool. No sign of Savage Oppress, someone snagged him. Saw Hondo, but thanks to Sonofskol I already got one.
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    The Target display didn't say that CW figures were $6.99 here, but when I checked the price checker, I snagged the only Seripas for that. It's really the only one in the wave I like.
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    I would like a re-issue of Asajj Ventress CW figure.

    I only need one more of her to pose fighting my Savage Opress, but I want to set that up.
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