Guys: here's the 2011 Clone Wars list from Wal-Mart's computer:

(* means they have been previously released)

*Commander Gree
*Rex Cold Weather
*Cad Bane
*Odd Ball
Commander Jett
*Hondo Onaka
*Obi-Wan Kenobi
Heavy in Training Armor
Eeth Koth
Bariss Offe
Red Leader
Clone with Riot Gear
Clone Wolf
Aqua Battle Droid
Saesee Tinn
Clone Trooper R7
*Plo Koon
Savage Oppres
Stealth Ops Clone
*Kit Fisto with Gear
*Rex with Jet Pack (maybe - unless this is new)

There are a few characters here that should be of great interest to our readers!