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    Civil War : MM vs. AF

    I know that they are one in the same. But which do you prefer? Action Fleet or the miny Micro Machines. I prefer Action Fleet. They are in my book the best thing to collect.
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    I collect both, but Action Fleet is by far my favorite.


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    Well, I love all the MM lines, but overall, I'd say the regular MM's, alot of them are really done well an dhave great detail and paint jobs on them plus when you display'em you can fit more into a littler space.
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    For me, Action Fleet is the best of the MM lines, then Die Cast, and then Micro Machines themselves. There's nothing wrong with Micro Machines, they're just not my favorites of the various MM lines because I like features.
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    Well, for me, I always resented the day Action Fleet came along. I liked the more "in scale" ships, but I always disliked the AF figures (and for me after all, it was about the figures). I couldn't understand why Galoob did this at the same time. It seemed they were competing against themselves and dividing the loyalties of the collector. Of course, some people bought all these just because they were Star Wars. Maybe that was the thinking, they could do the same subjects, but since they were "different" people would buy both. I was upset for two reasons, first, time, effort, and money was now diverted away from their cash cow (much of that cash mine), the Micromachines and used on Action Fleet. It's hard to do both the justice it deserved. They should have sunk all their effort into one line (even if it would have been AF). And secondly, MMs started to get short-changed after AF came along. All the cool stuff was in AF battle packs. We still never got some of the characters that were in the battle packs. But that's JMO.

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    Thumbs up i play no favorites when it comes to the micro machines line

    i 1st started collecting action fleet, and never gave any of the other lines a 2nd thought. about 2 years ago, i started getting interested in micro machines, (actually it was due to the relentless enthusiastic posts by a very suaVe collecTor that got me looking at mm's at all!), from there it was the playsets (actually i only started getting the playsets to get at some otherwise unpbtainable mm's, but it didn't take long to start appreciating the creative genius that was behind some of those play set creations!), and finally, die casts and x-rays. all the lines stand on their own very nicely, and clearly show what a superior toy company galoob really was!

    i do agree with artoo though, when it comes to figures, the mm versions are by far the best. in most of masons and my battles when ground wars are required, we usually stick to the mm guys, as they don't weeble/wobble like the af guys. we cross play between all the lines very smoothly regardless of size!
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    I started collecting AF a few months ago but I still find Micro Machines a better toy. They have the smallest details, great paint schemes, nice proportions to the movie vehicles and most importantly there small size. Many of these could probably have been used in some of the Star Wars battle scenes. And I also like the detail in the Micro figures very much. I wish Galoob was still around.

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    I like both AF and mm but I'd have to go with AF.
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    Action Fleet!


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