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    SyFy's Collection Intervention.... Seriously?

    I honestly don't know why the hell SirStevesGuide is supporting this show. Lives will be ruined and collections decimated, so they put it on the front page?


    I don't care if the intended goal of this is good or not. I guarandamntee you that it is going to do more harm than good. As a victim of ex-wife theft, I know what I'm talking about.

    I don't see how any publicity for this show is going to help anyone that collects. Good thing I don't watch SyFy already, but I couldn't keep quiet about this anymore. Coupled with the numerous posts on collecting sites, this one included, to give this thing free publicity?

    No thanks. Here's to hoping this show is cancelled ASAP.

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    I just got cable not too long ago and watched this show for the first time. I actually think that the show gives some good advice. Especially the part about focusing on items that mean something to you and not just buying stuff for the sake of buying stuff.

    Seriously, though, "lives will be ruined"? Are you kidding me? I would guess that if you thought your life would be ruined without your collection, then you might benefit from an intervention yourself. They're just toys when all is said and done.
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    I agree with the original post (minus the borrowed "military channel" promo lines).

    But people shouldn't let their boxed-up stuff overcrowd them.

    I am trying to get my stuff I purchase for diorama building assembled and displayed the way I want it.

    But I am not going to live the way someone else wants me to (like a girlfriend scoping my place and my discretionary money out). It would be no surprise to me if the divorce rate for people who honestly do that - craft an IMAGE of themselves into being what they think the lady wants - winds up with splitting homes 100% of the time.

    If you are really wealthy enough to, have a 2nd place to set up as your "love palace" but NEVER marry. Guys on the Collection Intervention show are bending over for girls because they are attracted to their mates, but they have nothing else positively binding them to this other person they are sacraficing whatever makes them truly happy for, just to get a piece of it.

    The girl's looks will fade. Natural biology runs counter to monogamy anyway. So when the guy gets tired of the girl for a few different possible reasons, and he has long tired of pretending he is "cool" by HER definition she can use to show him off to make her girlfriends jealous, the relationship will crumble - especially depending upon the extent of how many "un-fun" responsibilities came with it (such as child-raising, to only a mortgage for the house SHE wanted, or the clothes, shoes, etc.)

    Then there is divorce, garnished wages, possibly child support and broken homes with kids that grow up to be rotten, their inspirational outlook on the world as dead as their parents.

    I see it happen over and over again and currently have 3 friends in the divorce process right now.

    Also there are people on the show who's buddies that don't collect or have the same attitude about the toys want to intervine. They should accept their friend as who that person is, or leave them alone. If the friend honestly needs help, they should let that friend first define how they'd like to be helped, not have someone else's opinion about how they should live be forced upon them.

    I've gotten that "you should put all the toys in one room so people visiting the you at home will think you're normal if they don't see that." I've gotten that now for what, 18-20 years now? Yeah, the concept sank in 18-20 years ago. I rejected it obviously. Someone saying it to me over and over again is only going to change one decision of mine - my decision as to whether or not I want that "friend" around me.

    While I'm sure I'm not regarded as an introvert, I'm alright at socializing and have even been elected to public office, maybe I don't want visitors at home because I have every right to maintain an ANTI-social side to myself, where when I'm at home, I do NOT want people visiting me if they're going to judge me and I most often want to be home alone somewhere I can retreat to so as to find peace all by myself. I just got done explaining how I don't want a girlfriend moving in with me (let alone a wife) yet I am known to constantly romance up to young women (however unsuccessfully - and occasionally successfully like many other guys). I just also know that every time I'm single, I look for a new girlfriend, but every time I'm in a relationship and grow tired of listening to her, writing off my days to spend time doing what she wants, spending time with her family, etc (sacrafices I DO make for a while if she's that hot it encouraged me), I find myself maneuvering to escape in a few monts to a few years anyway. I'm not domesticated and I was never intended to be.

    So Collecction Intervention comes along with a somewhat attractive girl host, who is either legit, or pretends to be knowledgeable and interested in collecting, and then adds pressure to the poor guy to liquidate his valuables he must like having, perhaps to a buddy dealer who gets to lowball stuff he's purchasing, further hurting the collector.

    Personally, I'd open an eBay store after everything is organized - though that could take years and should require a person taking good care of themselves and actually enjoy owning what they bought first.

    Now I agree that people shouldn't just buy everything to own what they don't even want just to satisfy their urge to purchase something like a junkie.

    I have a mess, but I have bought with dioramas in mind, accoring to a shopping list that actually is limited, but does include "dream products" like a Hasbro Sailbarge for my 3 3/4" Jabba figures, and a specific list of unmade 1/6 scale like a General Lando and red Bespin Gown Leia, just in case they're making them. So I already know what I'm buying and I'm not chasing down every clone commander that's not on my pre-made list.

    If I have the occasion, I might watch Collection Intervention to see some cool items. However, I've never seen a diorama enthusiast with everything set up on the show. I wouldn't think they'd actually be in need of "intervention" anyway.
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    I want to add that as of only about 2 hours ago, an old girlfriend wants to move in since I have an extra bedroom.

    Her attitude is one where she suddenly wants to spend more time with me again. She'll watch my favorite TV shows and she even asked me about baseball (when I know she has no interest in it whatsoever but is only pretending to suck up to me).

    I will do everything I can to avoid this from happening. (and yes, she still looks good, but I am realizing that I'd probably balk even if it were Kristen Kruek trying to live with me...uh, probably. I don't personally know her so I have to give her the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps Kristen is as awesome as she looks?).

    But I have a life planned in which I'd live quite happily ALONE. This is not to say lonliness isn't painful. It can be very painful.

    But being one half of a couple (which is no doubt her plan for me) is dreadfully hard to escape from.

    Since I was involved with her, I've seen 2 different ladies and like a third - or maybe she's actually the 4th one now if you count the one married too young with an estranged husband.

    I can post here what I really do not want to blog about or have on my Facebook page: no one is moving in with me!

    If the point of Collection Intervention is to make my place more palatable to others, FORGET IT!

    I do what I want. Have it as cold or warm as I want in my own place. As clean or disorderly as I want it. With as much toys all over the place as I'd like (or too many until I decide I'll get around to doing something about it) and I can have it as silent (as I prefer it) or as noisy (with my movies and heavy metal music) as I'd prefer so I can write, blog, or sleep whenever I feel like it.

    I am just not good at accomodating others for long periods of time (or even house guests during short periods of time if they occupy more than just my back spare office / guest room). And it's not my goal to be.

    Collection Intervention is only entertainment but I feel sorry for some of the people the show is supposed to "help."
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