Just when you think this show has hit perfection, it gets better! I literally jumped out of my chair a few times at the sheer awesomeness of this episode. (And, yes, I know the difference between "literally" and "figuratively.") Everything is coming to a head finally, with the intrigue between Destro and Mindbender and Baroness and Cobra Commander.

This week's cameo/new character, who I expect is going to be a regular, was so freakin' sweet that I cannot put into words how awesome it was. I don't want to fully spoil it, but I actually thought it was a tad silly until another character said the name, and everything fell into place in an homage that worked on more than one level.

If you're not watching this, I have to weep at how there is a Renegades-shaped void in your life that you don't even realize needs to be filled.