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    Did Prime ditch the kids and get watchable? I saw a small portion of one of the newer episodes today, and it looked like a totally different cartoon with the same versions of the characters. It actually looked rather decent, at least, from what I saw.
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    The kids are still in it, but the show has moved into slightly different territory. I say that having not seen all the episodes.

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    Some season 2 episodes don't have the kids at all, or else very minimal presence.

    That being said, Bumblebee remains a very annoying character. I get annoyed by Wheeljack as well.

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    Prime got a little better as season one got deeper, but still has the kiddies and they were even the catalyst for the big event ending season 2 which bugged the crap out of me - we can't sacrifice these 3 pointless children to save not only Cybertron but also Earth as well?!? Prime is still far from good though, lots of problems, but there are a few moments like Megatron getting furious about an Autobot theft aboard his high-flying ship where Megs tosses Decepticon vehicons after the airborne escaping Autobot... one of which is not a flight drone, and tries to voice this but doesn't get the chance before plummeting to his doom.
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