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    Two Types Of Nikto

    I hear that there are two types of Nikto, one with brown skin which I have seen (Skiff Guard) and one with green skin, which I have not seen has anybody got any pictures?
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    Well...didn't they change the brown nikto's specie name again? Like to Klatoonian or some goo like that? Bah...sorry I'm no help here.
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    Jek jek jek Jek... Isn't one thread on the subject enough for you? Is there any need to start similar threads in all the different sections? No need!

    Anyway to answer your question here as well. the green Nikto is what we used to call Klaatu. Who now gets called Wooof. He's the one in jabba's palace with the silver helmet and the furry loincloth. The same as the one on the skiff that we got in a cinema scene as a figure. Both Klaatu and Nikto are actually now known as the species of nikto. but they're from different areas of their homeworld. The green ones are forest dwellers and the orange ones are desert dwellers. See - easy colour coding . How diddly dandy handy!!!...... There's a databank feature on aliens over at the official site that has all the explanations about Nikto, Klaatu, blah blah blah.....

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    Nikto, Klaatu, both come from The Day The Earth Stood Still.

    I think if you look at the Klaatu and the Nikto head props, there are significant differences in the heads besides the colors, can't remember though.
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    There isn't one for Klaatu or Wooof.
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    Klaatu, Barada, and Nikto are the codewords to activate "Gort" the android from "The day the Earth Stood Still"

    and they are now immortalized also, in Star Wars......

    I think it's cool.....

    for the record, it's also used in "The Evil Dead" Trilogy.....
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    Actually Jargo, Klaatu is still Klaatu. It's just that now the designation "Klaatu" has become the proper name of the green Nikto we see in Jabba's Palace (the one in the fur skirt!). Wooof would be the name given to the green Nikto Skiff Guard. In another of those odd Lucasfilm coincidences the designation "Klaatooinan" is the name given to the race of Wooof's fellow skiff companion Barada (the green bulldog looking alien who is said to be in charge of Jabba's vehicle pool.

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    My ears were burning so I had to jump into this discussion.

    I for one refuse to accept the stupid EU names, which are obviously all screwed up.

    Klaatus became Niktos? Baradas became Klatooinians? Niktos are still Niktos? Lame.
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    Actually bigB, a lot of that stuff comes originally from Lucasfilm, and were the names given to those characters/ races by their original designers. The folks involved in the EU just picked up on a lot of it, and in some cases expanded on it. A lot of the additions have even been adopted by Lucasfilm, if not by Lucas himself. For as long as I can remember, and I can remember back pretty far, Barada has always been a Klatooinan, and Klaatu and Woof have always been Nikto's, along with the character most people accept as "Nikto", but who was never given a proper name.


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