With the stellar release of the ROTJ wave (Gams, Acks, Lukes, Ewoks) closing out 2010, I've been thinking of two questions, when will I stop collecting and what am I going to do with my collection if I ever lose interest in it?

I'd like to hear other members thoughts also, but if you'll indulge me, here are mine....

Whenever the better releases of figures come out, I typically give my kids the older versions of the former figures (sort of selfish I guess, but they don't care...we still buy them new figures too, so it's all good). My 4 year old is very much SW crazy right now and his 9 year old sister still likes them too, but that won't last long for her. I see them still wanting figures for at least another 3-5 years.

I keep a few of my favorites in my office under 2 protective display cases (the rest in storage). I teach theatre design at a small university, so my peers and students think my extensive toy collection makes sense. I get alot of inspiration from the SW universe (and most anything 80s). With my job, any source helps!

One case is exclusively ROTJ, centered around the new Jabba/throne (add the old tongue from the last Jabba for extra awesomeness, it fits in the far left corner of his mouth nicely). I need a bigger case now as more skiff thugs get released and I'd like to see this new Luke done again with vest, cloak, and ungloved right hand. (I need to get the newer version of skiff Lando too, the POTF one looks antiquated now)

The other case is a series of what I call "showdowns," Bespin Luke vs removable helmet Vader, Jango vs Obi Wan, QGJ vs Tattoine Maul, Biker Scout vs Wicket, Storm Solo vs Storm, etc.... I'd like to get a few more figures for this collection along with a larger case too. Some of my figures in storage could go in the bigger case for this theme.

I will never stop collecting OT figures as long as the quality remains high, but don't have much more interest in the PT figures beyond the major characters (pretty much all done in their definitive versions: QGJ, Obi, Anakin, etc.). I may be done with the PT once (if ever) they release the solo version of evolutions Maul. I missed collecting the ANH Solo (my favorite character) and once I get a super great Solo I'll consider myself happy. My hopes are high for the pending Bespin Solo.

If my kids want them, I guess I leave the collection to them. Or, most likely I can see grandkids wanting to have my stuff. I imagine SW will live on with future generations assuming society still values imagination in 20 - 30 years.... Eventually, my collection will probably only be special to me, but no matter, escapism, fantasy, and childhood dreams are important ingredients to keeping other human virtues tasty, namely imagination, creativity, and storytelling. The power of myth and metaphor are, fundamentally, what makes our species superior to all others. We can do more than survive and exist, we can make survival and existance better.

Your thoughts?