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    Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X

    Oh, this should be a good season. Can't wait until Wednesday night.

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    Wow, what a season so far. Multiple blindsides and surprises, medical emergencies, and a typhoon!

    At this point, I don't have a favorite and there's no single player who could win it.

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    Not gonna shed a tear that Figgy is gone. She came across as one of those people who doesn't take anything serious. Splitting up the power couple was a good move, even though it will make things uncomfortable with Taylor and Adam. Can't take Taylor too seriously either.

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    That's my imitation of Michaela getting blindsided by the Greyhound bus carrying her tribe. Some people work it hard; Michaela took it to a new extreme with her strategizing and using shells with football coach moves.

    Should've taken out Taylor last night. Michelle could've gone any time but it did hurt the Gen Xer's voting block.

    Hannah cracks me up. Poor girl has no idea what's going on.

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    Doesn't bother me one ioda that Taylor is gone. Poster child for cluelessness. Yeah, he blew up tribal with Adam's big secret but stealing the food and then bragging about it? That's worst.

    Jay is the only millienial who has a clue.

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    Can this season get any crazier? The fatal rock draw! You gotta feel for Jess. She wasn't one of my favorites but she got screwed with the rock draw. It could've happened to anyone.

    This tribe is so fractured right now. I don't see the parties coming together.

    If I had to pick a winner at this point, my money is on Ken. Good guy, played a decent game.

    And poor Hannah. Can't win for losing.

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    This edition of Survivor will be long remembered for the blindsides, the treachery and the explosive tribal councils. Wow. Zeke played a good game but he was bound to be voted out because he was viewed as a big threat.

    What the heck, Ken? Questioning Will like that was not a cool move.

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    This might be a first for me: recording the Survivor finale and watching it a day or two later. Company Christmas party is tonight and Rogue One tomorrow night.

    If anyone wants to win, Jay needs to go. Having him play his idol last week was a good move. He's vulnerable.


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