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    Talking ARCHER on FX (or, possibly, better yet, on DVD!)

    Is anyone else watching this raunchy and hilarious animated show at all? I was a little late to the game, but Netflix had the entire first series (10 episodes) available for streaming before the DVD release. I'm kinda curious how this show is airing since the language is rather colourful and there's a lot of sexual themes. Clearly, for the most part, the "nudity" remains without pixelation-- unless the character is "shooting their shot", so-to-speak.

    The show is created by the team that brought us Frisky Dingo and Sealab 2021.
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    Archer is alright, it stinks of Frisky Dingo at times (which is both good and bad), and Jon Benjamin is definitely not mainstream enough for the lead (which is again both good and bad), I originally caught it September '09 and felt it was ok, good cast, writing was still sloppy despite the longer runtime than its Adult Swim roots. But it has its "charms", it's entertaining enough, and I look forward to the new episodes. FX should have produced more eps this year though, they have lost momentum having it off the air for so long.
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    It pretty good it fills my frisky dingo void. Which in my opinion is the best show in the history of televison. Oh adam reed why did you have family problems and cancel such a work of art. No show ever will make me laugh that hard. Mainly because i am a part of ant baby machete squad.

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    I miss Frisky Dingo too. Still, I find this show to be uproariously funny for some reason.
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    I am really enjoying the new season.
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    Archer is so wrong, but so funny. I watched a couple of eps with friends last year and we laughed so hard.


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