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    So it doesn't cover the Special Editions?
    Tommy, close your eyes.

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    No Special Editions Material

    Nope, El Chuxter, it only covers the OT pre-Special Editions, the Holiday Special (with a nice page of stills from the Boba Fett cartoon), and even a couple pages on the Ewok movies. 315 pages of classic goodness.

    It is still most definitely worth it, ask Santa for it.

    I also forgot to mention my other mainstay Star Wars reference - the incredible "Art of..." series. I spent hours upon hours poring over those books back in the day - especially the Ep IV one.
    "Three goofballs and a guy in a monkey suit."

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    The main reason the Star Wars Chronicles does not cover the Special Edition is that it predates the Special Edition. The English language edition is based on a Japanese volume that predates even the English version.

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    I flipped through this sucker at Barnes and Noble months ago, steeling myself to plunk down the 150 bones it cost to take it home with me, but when I finally decided to go for it, some cracker had bought it out from under me!! I will buy one from one of these days...

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    I'm bumping this thread up in case any recent forum members are interested in this book.

    This topic came up recently in Chuxter's "Waldenbooks" thread (in the comics and books section) because Amazon was running a clearance at $50. Last week I placed an order but had it refunded the next day because it was out of stock.

    But there do appear to be other online retailers selling this at huge savings. I plan to keep searching, partly because of the reviews it got from SSG members.

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    As a recent purchaser of this fabulous book, I heartily hope you find it! Amongst the other things I noticed (which I have brought up in the other thread and shant repeat here.) is the size ratio of the Skiff to the Sail Barge. It is disheartening to anyone who wants an accurately sized Sail Barge toy. The thing is freakin' HUGE!

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    I'm crossing my fingers here, because I just ordered from a different member of Amazon's marketplace. It's called Powell Books, they have a rating of 4.7 out of 5. Now, the book is in the "used" section, I'm hoping it's just got a fair amount of shelf wear. But in the long run I'm sure I will give the book a hefty workout, so at a discounted price I am not too picky on the condition. It was the cheapest one available, at $39.98. I payed an extra $1.50 for expedited shipping ($4.99 total), I should get it by next Monday, the 15th.

    The lowest price I could find on a new one was nearly $20 higher, I figured I should save that for a 12" AOTC fig in 2 weeks.


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