As a repeated (and long-winded) contributor to these forums, I wanted to take a moment to bring to the attention of all fans one of the single best reference books out there for Star Wars. It is "The Star Wars Chronicles" (I believe from Chronicle Books). This HUGE hardbound volume is chock full of photos and insights from the entire series. Both film stills and behind-the-scenes images abound as well as a myriad of information. One of the most compelling features is a multiple page section with large fold-out pages that starts with characters and creatures and works its way up to ships and all the way to the two Death Stars in a size comparison format. There are tons of images of obscure characters as well and tons of character names.
But be prepared, this gem of Star Wars reference books is NOT cheap. The cover price is a stagering $150.00. I just checked and still has them at $105.00 and you may be able to find them cheaper elsewhere. This is a great hardcover book that is huge and comes in a hard slipcase. Check it out if you can. There is never enough good I can say about this book and it is well worth even the cover price.