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    Does anyone use Vonage?

    I am curious because I just got a card in the mail saying that my ISP will no longer require me to have phone service in order to get internet service. They claim my "high speed internet" will only cost $29.95 per month (figure $45.00 after fees).

    Vonage offers plans for $25.99 per month ($14.99 for first 3 months). They also offer a special, if you pay for 1 year up front you get 10% off.

    My calculations indicate a savings of $1,200 over the first year (after hardware costs).

    Vonage claims they can port over my phone number.

    So has anyone used their service?

    I may even just say heck with it, and kill my home phone all together. The only reason I am considering keeping my home phone is because of my hearing loss. The home phone is louder and easier to hear on than my cell.
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    I don't have it, but I know there was an issue with 911 emergency least last time I heard (which, granted, is quite some time ago). What that means was that Vonage had no hook-up with 911 for whatever reason. If you had an emergency, you were out of luck. With little ones to think about, you may want to verify that the problem has been rectified (I'm hopeful it has been).

    My two cents: keeping a land line (along with cellular) is a good way of doing business. Not too long ago a cell site in my area went down and it disrupted service for a couple of days. I need both types of phone service because of my type of work. Missing phone calls can ruin my day! (I still carry a pager issued by my department, too!).
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    To add to what TeeEye said, I'm actually thinking of getting an old land line phone with a cord that doesn't need stupid batteries. There's been some times due to my stupidity that I left the cordless off the hook somewhere in the house, tried to use it and the batteries were dead. Or been talking so long they went dead in the middle of a conversation (no charge by the minute on the old land line)

    I have a cell too now but hardly use it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blue2th View Post
    I have a cell too now but hardly use it.
    I have my (personal) c-phone for work. It's basically a necessity there. Other than that, I rarely use mine as well. In fact, it's off when I'm not at work. I just don't have that much to say and have always been amazed at how people must talk/text so much of the time!
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