It's Down To Seven! This page is the most awesome Star Wars pictograph a collector can click on!!![/URL]

This is kind of what I wanted to do myself -

It's Down To Seven!

From JediTempleArchives, this is an awesome page that shows the actual 100 vintage and their modern counterparts, or what's lacking.

I actually count 102 vintage, including Jabba and Salacious Crumb, but they've both been well-done and are (occasionally) available right now.

I'm personally satisfied with the Special Edition Sy Snootles, and I'm not sure why the Nikto is in contention (I think he was covered), but this guide distinguishes Blue Snaggletoothe and the updates to R2-D2 and C-3PO, though not always with the best choices.

The Han Solo Bespin figure, and the Emperor figure that they chose for this pictograph would not have been my choices from the modern collection. Since 1995, Hasbro has done better - and sometimes NOT with the most recent figure.

However, this photoguide is what I always wanted!

Put your mouse over a picture of an '80's figure and you'll see its modern day representation in the Saga / TAC / BAD / Vintage Dedoux line.


By the way, the Han Carbonite clearly shows how a modern figure could still be improved. Though not the size, I like the old style of Carbonite coffin that lets you see your figure inside. A deluxe style figure of Han Carbonite could include multiple pieces for various states of display for your carbonite block - some see-through, some colored, others frozen. I'd say "go deluxe" for this because there would be several extra carbonite pieces, and Han would need an extra set of poseable arms for the frozen pose, plus his skiff blaster gun, and the Bespin binders and Jabba's palace handcuffs all could be included.