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    I was going to comment that the site wasn't working, but didn't notice the second page where it obviously worked for some folks.

    I guess 1999's excellent "From Star Wars to Star Wars" didn't make the cut.
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    That's why you keep your DVDs, ladies and gentlemen.

    AGENTS OF ATLAS - Returns in Early 2009.

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    As I was planning anyhow, bro. LOL
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    Has Star Wars to Star Wars ever been released, though? I'd get it just for the scene where Samuel L Jackson is piloting a Naboo Starfighter and quoting Pulp Fiction.
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    That just sounds ridiculous. How did I miss that hot mess?

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    So who's gonna get it and who's gonna pass?
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    I pretty much think that the bulk of us are getting it.
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    I'll probably get this, but the question is when. If people are ooooing and ahhhhing over this, then I might pick it up right away. If it gets a "meh" response from most, than I might wait awhile and pick it up later for a cheaper price.

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    I am thrilled to see "The Making of Empire" (which I never saw) and "Classic Creatures" (which my grandfather taped for me back in '83, then proceeded to erase a week later) in this set! Along with the deleted scenes, it's definitely worth getting the movies yet again! Hopefully we'll get some new scenes for the prequels (Qui-Gon in Ep III? More Darth Maul & Kashyyk scenes?) to go along with the OT ones. While I didn't expect the Holiday Special, I'm a bit disappointed there's no "From Star Wars to Jedi: The Making of a Saga" included, but I believe most of that show was lifted from the three individual "Making of" shows.

    Already pre-ordered the set on Amazon, and plan to buy a blu-ray player this summer!
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    Red face

    I'm not getting why so many people are completely roaching on this release. Well, I guess people, in general, are a bunch of moany old cows at heart and I keep forgetting that, but let's face facts, they could've just said, "Here are the movies and that's all you're getting. We didn't even bother to further remaster them for blu-ray, so... oh, well. Suckers!"

    Instead, they are giving us (hopefully) beautiful 1080p presentations of the films alongside the three discs of bonus material that will no doubt supplement the bonus material we currently have. Would it have been nicer to have it on a high def blu-ray? Sure, but at least it's not on tape. What WAS on tape and gone for years will, once again, be ours to enjoy. Would getting From Star Wars to Jedi have been nice? Of course it would have, but that "making of..." special was edited from previously existing material from the three other OT "making of..." specials along with a minute amount of actual new material.

    I understand people getting all bothered by the fact that there will be another blu-ray release down the line. It's inevitable. This is how the studios make their money. You don't have to buy this and/or you don't have to buy that. If you want to buy both, then you obviously have a lot more disposable income than I do, but that's your prerogative.

    Yeah, I wish that we'd get the original theatrical releases on blu-ray, but they would have to do a lot of clean up and restoration on those and that costs money. The other thing is things like that pink jelly-blob underneath the landspeeder would be so much more noticeable on blu-ray and you'd complain about that, the matte lines and so much other stuff that just wouldn't look right in 1080p. If they fixed that, purists would gripe about how they tinkered with the original films to make them look better and now they are no longer the original films. Everyone's got a point of view and an opinion and no one will ever be satisfied.

    Do I have a point? I dunno... I've been rambling about this for paragraphs and I can't remember where I was going. Oh, yes...

    We should be happy these are being released so that we have the option to buy them if we choose. Lucas and the studio will do what they want as it's their property. I mean, who has the right to tell you what colour to paint your house? Will there be another blu-ray set somewhere down the line? I'm sure there will be! But, for now, your options are ignore or enjoy. I, personally, will choose to enjoy.

    Thanks for reading.
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