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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkross View Post
    I like the blu-ray set...however something is missing...

    Oh yeah... the From Star Wars to Jedi - The Making of a Saga documentary. They have the others...but where is this one? Also... I am disappointed that we have the same commentaries that we already have on the DVDs.

    Again... the one you mentioned was cobbled together from the most compelling bits of the three "making of" specials that ARE included on the bonus disc. There was some new material incorporated into it, but it was nothing significant that requires including that one here, so I get why they didn't include it. It would've been completely redundant and a waste of data storage.
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    Unhappy We complain too much.

    Reading through this thread again, it really seems like my partner is right. He's a big geek (Doctor Who, WhedonVerse, Marvel, Star Trek TNG/Voyager), but I'm the SW geek of the house. He says that he's noticed over the years that SW fans come across as the whiniest, most seemingly entitled bunch of malcontents he's ever seen. We whine about what we get and what we don't get and then we whine about how things are done, packaged, released, marketed and... and... and...

    Is the blu-ray set perfect? No... it's really not if I go by exactly what I want. But then again, I don't want what El Chuxter wants or what Darkross wants. People have mentioned the Ewok movies; I hate the Ewok movies and I'm glad that they didn't waste the space. I'm also glad we didn't get the Holiday Special 'cos it's horrible and I think it's a waste of time. Maybe they should've included the cartoon from the Holiday Special. Maybe not.

    I don't think we are going to agree on everything that should have been included or what shouldn't have been included. So, yeah... I think the complaining will go on for years. They'll release another set and we'll complain about that one and then the next.

    I guess I'm just feeling kinda sad that there is so much venom towards the impending release of our favourite film franchise.

    Oh, well...

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    I agree. I really don't get Star Wars fans anymore. Probably why I'm less and less involved in the community as a whole. Comic fans are pretty bad also. Many of the culture do seem to think what they want is the only thing that matters. And to hell with everyone else, including Lucas. Cause they clearly must know better.

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    I often think of the community as a bunch of spoilt kids. Lucas got it so right the first time around and that's what made it "magic". We wanted more and we got more. We got EMPIRE and it was even better than the first one. While I'm not a fan of JEDI, I admit that it was a total trifecta; Lucas delivered three times in a row. He was one lucky S.O.B. and we as fans benefitted from his luck. I think we started complaining when the special editions were released and haven't stopped complaining since then. It's true if you think about it. We liked some of the changes, but he messed with "our films". Then the prequels came out and, though I like them, they weren't nearly as good as the originals. He just wasn't as lucky this time around. They still made a lot of money and we bought them on VHS or DVD and complained some more.

    We complain about so much and yet we've been given so much more than than fans of other franchises have gotten. Despite everything that we've gotten in the form of toys and books and franchise focused conventions and fan gatherings , we still complain that it's just not enough.

    Seriously... look at the wealth of material this franchise has given us and you really think we have been ripped off or cheated?
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    I kinda prefer the Prequels to the Originals. At least as a whole. All of the films have their weak points though. And I don't really think it was luck. There was no way that the Prequels would live up to the level of hype that the fanbase had built up. Especially with how they've placed the originals on a pedestal. Lucas could have delievered the Second Coming, and the majority would still complain and nitpick.

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    I hope we get the movie trailers, the previouly released deleted scenes, and those short web documentaries with these too.
    And I loved Empire of Dreams from the 2004 release. Why isn't that on here?
    Also, R2-D2 Beneath the Dome. I never saw it so I don't know if it was any good, but that would've been nice. Maybe some footage from Star Tours too (Like how Back to the Future included the ride footage.)

    And in regards to the previous posts. I absolutely hate looking at reviews for any SW videogame or DVD on Amazon or elsewhere. They are always full of comments from 'former fans'.
    I grew up in the late 80s early 90s, kind of between the original fans and the new ones, so I'm a little neutral in terms of my opinions about the versions. I was introduced to the franchise through the original versions and hand-me-down action figures.
    When the SEs came out, I rememer being excited about getting to see the movies in the theater, especially with new restored scenes. And I was excited leaving the theater too (all except for Jedi, because of the music changes and an annoying little girl who recited the opening crawl and talked right behind me). I knew there were sfx changes made, but they were still the same movies, with the same story, and still captured my imagination.
    The 2004 DVDs were like a refinement of the SEs, imo. No biggie. But the newly created footage and voicework did bother me quite a bit. But I still watch them. I still appreciate the movies that surround these changes, and the total storyline.
    Now talk of more new scenes and a new music score for ANH really bothers me. I know all I'll think about while watching it is "Jimmy Smits was in his 20s when this movie came out, yet he in it in his fifties."
    Honestly I hope they don't do this. I'm fine with the CGI Yoda in Ep1, but that's all I want to see. I mean, all the changes made so far do not affect the story, they just gussie it up a bit.
    A scene with Bail does not seem like it would fit into the story of ANH, it would be more of a distraction. Just like the Toshi Station scene, that's why it was never in the film.

    Even if it is added, I'll probably still buy the set, because I am a fan of the franchise (or I could wait a few years for Lucas to re-re-re-re-re-re-rerelase them with the original versions included--you know he will eventually.)
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    I must admit, the lineup of extras is making even me reconsider, though there's zero chance of me replacing the rest of my DVD collection with blu-rays (since that would cost a small fortune). It's impressive, even if still not entirely complete. And, if we're finally getting the CG Yoda in TPM and possibly other changes, that's even better.

    Would've been nice to get Return of the Ewok, but, eh, what ya gonna do?

    (And R2-D2: Beneath the Dome is definitely worth checking out, vadersvette. And it looks like it's still quite cheap.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by vadersvette View Post
    And I loved Empire of Dreams from the 2004 release. Why isn't that on here?
    Because everyone already owns it, on the 2004 release. If you want to watch it, just take out the Blu-ray disc and put the DVD back in.

    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter
    I must admit, the lineup of extras is making even me reconsider, though there's zero chance of me replacing the rest of my DVD collection with blu-rays (since that would cost a small fortune).
    That's too bad, since there's fine print on the most recent press release that reads, "Everyone who buys this set absolutely has to replace their current DVD collection with Blu-ray."

    I don't plan to do that, either, so, uh, I won't. The fact that you can still play DVDs on Blu-ray players makes it an easier transition, I feel, than it was from VHS to DVD; even if your older movies are slightly inferior in quality to the Blu-ray, at least the technology isn't completely obsolete.
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    I like that they are including the Making of Empire in this set. If it is the show I remember seeing so long ago I can't wait. I'm trying to decide if I like that the new clips are on the extra disk or if they should've put them in the movie. The only thing I don't like about the changes is the Greedo shooting first, and the end of Jedi where they put in Hayden and change the song at the end. Other than that I don't mind the changes. Actually prefer the Emperor change in Empire.

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    See...? And here's me liking the new song at the end better!!! LOL

    None of us will ever agree 100%!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
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