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    I love the artwork for all three. They have that watercolor, hand-painted look to them. I really hope that the Complete Saga boxed set includes the artwork for the two trilogies inside somehow. Like having the 2 trilogy boxes inside a big outer sleeve. (Because I highly doubt the individually sold trilogy box sets will include the bonus features.)
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    We've been hearing since the Star Wars Concert thing which showcased a CGI Yoda replacing the crappy puppet from Episode 1, that the upcoming Blu-Rays would also include the change. Well, Jake Lloyd pretty much confirmed it on his Facebook page.

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    If it's going to have the CG Yoda, perhaps it will have the new ANH score Williams talked about a lifetime ago?
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    You mean with the "Imperial March", "Battle of the Heroes" and stuff in it?
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    That's the one. I believe it was semi-confirmed around the same time that Jimmy Smitts filmed a new scene for ANH, but Williams definitely talked at length about how unique an experience it was to revisit an earlier score and be able to incorporate more recent themes into it.
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    Nods... it's definitely intriguing, but I wonder how many more people that sort of tinkering will alienate! LOL
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    Jimmy Smits in a new ANH scene? I'm thinking this is another one of Chux's patented memory lapses. I remember a new score being briefly mentioned years ago but I don't think anything was ever confirmed.
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    If he re-scores it, I just hope they release the new score on CD. I'd like my set to be as complete as possible.
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    So we still don't know for sure if the Biggs/Anchorhead scenes are included from Ep. IV on the supp. disc.
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    I like the blu-ray set...however something is missing...

    Oh yeah... the From Star Wars to Jedi - The Making of a Saga documentary. They have the others...but where is this one? Also... I am disappointed that we have the same commentaries that we already have on the DVDs.
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