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Thread: Wave 6

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkJedi5 View Post
    What was wrong with this one?
    Actually, nothing. I totally forgot about that one. Thanks!
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    I'm ready for this wave now....when is it going to be released?????

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    I'm guessing April...?
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    Quote Originally Posted by bkusna View Post
    I'm ready for this wave now....when is it going to be released?????
    I'm ready for this wave too! And I still haven't seen waves 4 or 5 yet. I actually want the next two waves to come and go quickly because I don't want any of the figures from either wave. Wave 6 and the upcoming Kithaba-wave (wave 8 I believe) are all that I'm really excited about for this year.
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    I don`t like the prequels Yoda;tried to make him look like Lee van Cleef:

    But I still like the Vintage style card.

    I also think the Vintage Yoda is the Best..........

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    what about the votc yoda guys?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rickantel View Post
    what about the votc yoda guys?
    It's not a bad figure, but has a terrible sculpt that looks nothing like the character. The best headsculpt is the POTF2 Yoda from the Complete Galaxy (sharper than the regular POTF2 version) - compare this to this.

    Plus I don't like the lower "skirt" - it's probably just me, but I don't like soft goods that are an integrated part of the figure, I only like them if they can be removed altogether, like a cloak - it doesn't help that they don't match the upper half of the figure.

    And talking of soft goods, the cloak from the 1980 vintage figure looked and fitted so much better than this one.

    I also dislike the swivel elbows, but unfortunately even the latest ROTS Yoda has also been deprived bj elbows, which is a huge disappointment for a TVC figure.
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    Solid-looking wave. I'm going to have to get that Fi-Ek fellow after all, methinks.

    Surprisingly, the AT-RT Driver looks really sweet. I know I've sworn off all Clonetroopers, but I could see getting that just for GIJoe custom fodder. Or maybe I could leave that helmet off of him and just display him with my Joes (giving him a more real-world gun) as-is.
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    Lando's cape clasp is huuuuge. I'm surprised that the AT-RT Driver looks to be all-new, and looks cooler than I expected. The AOTC clone also looks to have a different body, perhaps using existing parts, but it's not the same as the currently shipping ROTS clones. The rest all look pretty great.
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