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    I picked up the Ep 2 Clone and the Skiff Master Weequay at Target earlier this week. Although I had seen both of those figures several times at TRU, their insane pricing held me back from ANY interest in the figures, and I had entirely written off ever buying them really, but seeing these 2 new figures at Target while I was in a buying mood netted sales (nothing could have gotten me to part with $9 for the Barriss Offee they had though, I don't care if she is a wave 7 figure, she's BORING).

    Weequay is exactly what I expected, and I really don't think he's worth $9. That's not to say he's a bad figure, but $9 for this? C'mon! There's no surprises except that I didn't realize he had such an elongated head in the back, but no delights, nothing that works better than it looks like it would. It's an ok figure, but it's nothing more, and to be honest there's no "ok" figure in this line worth $9, even if he is long-awaited from the OT. Head movement isn't great, the shoulder joints are bulkier than I'd like, and because of those shoulders and the way the belt is handled, it gives the figure an unintentional hourglass shape rather than having the jacket flow around the arms like it should. The brown color of the jacket is also slightly off, and his shoes are super boring, and his arms are a touch too long, and his head seems a touch too smooth at the top. Those are issues that wouldn't have bothered me 2 years ago when the figures were a more reasonable price, but the little stuff bothers me more and more now that I am being selective because each figure is a massive ripoff.

    The Clone is way better than I expected. The helmet looks SO bad in the package because it's sitting too low, the head inside is higher up the neck and the helmet at proper height looks much, much better that way - I would suggest putting a spacer into the helmet to ensure it doesn't drop back down. The helmet doesn't have the side notches painted, but they are sculpted; it does however have the identity marker at the back of the fin painted red (just the tip of the fin basically, but that's how it was in the movie). Both weapons have painted details, although I'm not sure they're accurate, they do look good, they class up pieces we've seen before. The body is all new, and way better than that crappy one we've been suffering for nearly a decade. This isn't puffy and round and bulky, it's sleek and tight, and the shoulders use internal hinges instead of external ones. The shoulders stick out a touch more than the movie design, but it's a far better cry than what we had. The only issue I have is that the elbow armor is sculpted high up, above the joint, when really it should be part of the lower arm if it can't be in the middle. Jointing is great, especially the new torso joint that is closer together and yet has better motion. The hip joints stick out only a little bit, they aren't ugly the way the recent Stormtrooper and ROTS Clone hip joints have been, here the armor is sculpted higher so the area looks natural, but it still has motion - FINALLY! The ankle joints are a touch too high up, but they still work fine. I would like to see a way to get the upper arms slightly closer to the body for a cleaner standing pose, but it's a really minor thing. The white plastic looks good, and unlike the recent troopers I just mentioned, the helmet matches pretty well to the rest of the figure in color and texture. The helmet doesn't have the lower collar/ring/lip, I don't think that'd be possible on a removable-helmet version, but I don't like that lower collar anyway. Aside from the side notches on the helmet, the stomach panel is missing paint for the tiny dots, but again, it doesn't feel like a big deal here. It's taken them long enough to get these things right, but I'm glad they're starting to pay attention to this stuff on Clones and R2 bodies. That said, at $9 a pop, I doubt I'll buy much more of this figure, I don't love the sad-puppy helmet design and I have a bunch of the older ones, it's just to the point where the value is really cutting razor thin even on a good figure like this.
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    Thanks to TRU's awesome 2 SW figures for $11 sale, I have bought 6 more of the Ep 2 Trooper.

    Also, HTS had Dagobah pilot Luke and General Lando on preorder yesterday so I pulled the trigger there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JediTricks View Post
    Thanks to TRU's awesome 2 SW figures for $11 sale, I have bought 6 more of the Ep 2 Trooper.
    I cleared them out of the guys and got eight, bringing my total of this figure up to ten (despite already having too many of the previous mold to even really fit on my shelves. ). If the Utapau troopers didn't all have yellow helmets, I would have gotten more of those as well.
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    I'm actually pretty surprised at how awesome of a figure the Ep2 Clonetrooper is. Definitely glad I picked one up and I might buy a couple more.
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    I wanted to leave 2 behind for anybody else who wanted them at each store I found them. I don't love the sad puppy helmet, although I've grown to appreciate it a little in the last few years since I reviewed the prop replica version (I had to send it back ). I was never in love with the original SA Phase 1 Clone figure, it was good but so very marshmallowy and flawed in a few ways. I bought a lot of the Phase 2 version though, and was considering swapping removable helmets onto these TVC Phase 1 figures, but that is a dangerous addiction to get started on.
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    HTS finally delivered my last 2 figures from this wave, Lando and Dagobah Luke.

    Dagobah Luke has a great new head sculpt on top of the fairly good snowspeeder pilot body. The head's deco and sculpt are very good at the hair, the eyes are a little too "sleepy" but otherwise good, there's a little age on the figure but it's really recognizable overall. The upper torso remains unchanged despite the character photo on the card showing the inner tunic's collar open, and it does make a little difference, but for a repurposed figure it's decent enough. The lower torso has a new "skirt" which includes a gunbelt that slips over the right thigh, it works well enough and looks decent. I do have 2 problems with this figure though: the orange deco is way too bright again, and because of the plastic used it's also slightly translucent which makes it look cheap. The other issue is that the new forearms are too long and it's awkward, almost primate-like. I guess I have 1 more issue I just realized, the helmet is a little large and still decorated very cleanly. Overall, it's a decent figure, but not quite as good as it could have been.

    Lando General is all-new (his lower body gets reused for Han Bespin in the next wave, including the odd boots that don't seem accurate to either character) and has a decent sculpt, but doesn't feel outstanding in any way. The headsculpt at first looks really off, but the details are there, it's just that the eyes are painted without enough warmth, for Lando the character likeness is more in the eyes and that "inner light" he carries, so by losing that the whole thing gets thrown slightly off. From the side, the head looks a little jowly due to an extra helping of chin just before the cutaway to the ball joint. The outfit is good but not outstanding, especially the wrist computer which is very plain. The figure has his working chest holster, it's really supposed to be a shoulder holster but the accessory is too big so it's a little far forward, but it's not bad. The biggest thing this figure has going is the cape, it's a little too long, too blue, and the band holding it closed is a thick piece of elastic, all of which add up to a cape that should be total crap, but the quality material used, a restrained cut and a little futzing salvage it into an adequate costume piece - not great, but not as bad as its recipe suggests it should be. As for the lower body, I still don't love the rather unattractive sculpt to the jointing system at the hips, but the functionality is there. Packaging goes for the ROTJ card look instead of the POTF1 look shown on the back, and the back incorrectly shows the year for that POTF1 figure as 1983 when it was really '85. All in all, Lando General is a fair figure, but hard to get excited about at this $9 pricepoint even if they had gotten the cape dead perfect.
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    I wasn't going to, but now that I've seen him in stores, I may buy that Dagobah Landing Luke.
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