Since Hasbro is resorting back to an abandoned idea with the deluxe figures, would it be feasable to finish out the beast assortment as well? In other threads, there has been discussion of a POTF 2 ROTJ Jabba that is mysteriously absent from any assortment. My thoughts are that he should not be packed with a redo of an existing figure. Instead package him with the fat dancer or some more obscure but noticable character. Now, the other 2 beasts would take some imagination on Hasbro's part, since we didnt see much of the swamp creature from Dagobah or the dianoga. These 2 would more or less have to be packed with redo figures of stormy Luke and R2 but they could both use a resculpt anyway. Criticize this post as you feel necessary but remember, I'm just a lowly ditch digger.