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    new beast assortment?

    Since Hasbro is resorting back to an abandoned idea with the deluxe figures, would it be feasable to finish out the beast assortment as well? In other threads, there has been discussion of a POTF 2 ROTJ Jabba that is mysteriously absent from any assortment. My thoughts are that he should not be packed with a redo of an existing figure. Instead package him with the fat dancer or some more obscure but noticable character. Now, the other 2 beasts would take some imagination on Hasbro's part, since we didnt see much of the swamp creature from Dagobah or the dianoga. These 2 would more or less have to be packed with redo figures of stormy Luke and R2 but they could both use a resculpt anyway. Criticize this post as you feel necessary but remember, I'm just a lowly ditch digger.
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    Buba Fatt has some solid ideas here, but if Hasbro is to do Jabba justice, it must be in the context of a "super-deluxe" figure. The size restrictions of the "Beast Assortment" packaging severely restrict the size, accuracy, and most importantly accessories that would accompany the mighty Jabba.
    I have stated my proposal for an ideal Jabba "super-deluxe" figure on other threads, so I will not repeat that here. However I will simply point out that should Hasbro wish to revive the Beast Assortment, Jabba warrents the price point of the Deluxe Beast Assortment (Bantha and Rancor). You need an accuratly scaled throne that pulls no punches and leaves nothing out, and there is simply not room in the little Beast Assortment boxes.

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    Thumbs up

    They could do it though, and it would rock!!!!!!! They HAVE to do a ROTJ Jabba the Hutt. It just has to be done, yet I am amazed that they have yet to do it. They need to include Jabba (obviously), base, pipe, bowl, frogs, sitting Salacious Crumb, Herat the fanning Jawa, and Yarna D'al Gargan pack -in.

    As for the second beast, i think it would be really cool to see a monstrous Dianoga. (Trash compactor monster). It would have to include the trash, and all the other stuff in there, and like a little playset where the walls can close in.

    Come on, these two would rock as a deluxe beast assortment.
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    I use the EP 1 jabba with blob to display it in the Jabbas palace diorama. It looks pretty good!!

    As for the Dianoga creature im up for it.
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    Was the blob Jabba an Ep.1 toy? I thought he was POTF, and the spitting Jabba was Ep.1.

    The Jabba blob looks pretty good, but he is way too small...
    The Ep.1 Jabba just looks like crap (and only a handful of them ever materialized anyway)

    The SE Jabba can be modified so his torso is aligned properly for the palace scene, but the color is all wrong, and he just doesn't have that "gelatinous blob" look that he needs.

    I would love a "proper" Jabba.
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    I would love a new Jabba figure, as well. Hey Hasbro! Are you paying attention?

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    A new Beast assortment for the OT could include:

    A. Krayt Dragon.
    B. Dianoga w trash compactor playset.
    C. Pack of Womp rats with Jundland waste playset (like vintage land of jawas playset)
    D. Jabba on his dias with hookah and bowl of frogs.

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    This talk is all and good, but there's one thing I want...

    Dejarik Creature 2-pack!

    Assortment 1

    1. Grimtaash the Molator and Houjix
    2. Mantellian Savrip and Ng'ok

    Assortment 2

    1. Kintan Strider and Ghhhk
    2. Monnok and K'lor'slug

    There were only so many times they could redo Jabba before I gave up, and I've given up. I say just tweak the vintage version [w/dias, etc] and reissue it. It wasn't bad at all.
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    Dianoga with han and Luke stormtrooper disguise (commtech stylee)
    Shyerba with Cantina informant
    Dewback with Pacithhip trader
    Ikopi and Nuna with Gungan Rep
    Shaak and Mott with Gungan civillian
    Gardulla the hutt with Diva Funquita
    Jabba the Hutt with pipe and bowl on dias
    3PO with krayt dragon skeleton (to be accompanied by R2 and escape pod)
    Falumpaset with Boss Nass seated on parade saddle
    Gorax with Wicket J/K

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    ROTJ Jabba
    Falumpaset with Boss Nass
    Ikopi with Mott and Nuna
    Gardulla with Diva Funquita
    Jabba (TPM) with Bib Fortuna
    Flying Whale thing from Kamino with Kaminoan Rider
    Geonosian Picador with mount
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