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    Another contest, can you help?

    General SirStevesguide Community: Years ago many of you helped to vote for our daughter in an online photo contest. I regret that we didn't win that one; but now, there is another. I've placed a link vital to the winning of this contest in this message. You can help by clicking on the "vote" button. Please, you must see my daughter's picture on the Disney Channel. This is our most desperate hour. Help me SirStevesGuide Buddies, you are my only hope.

    Check out Linnie Minnie Be Part Of The Magic Contest | Disney at

    So, yeah anyway this is a contest to get her pic on an ad for the new Disney Jr pre-schooler show block on Disney Channel. If anyone of you guys could give it a quick click, I'd really appreciate it. You can vote once in a 24 hour period. Thanks in advance!
    Good trader(s): TheDarthVader...thanks!

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    I just double checked this and you have to be a registered member of, or any of its other websites like, to vote. Thanks again to anyone who can help!
    Good trader(s): TheDarthVader...thanks!


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