I also happened onto some pics around he web... I went to the Hungarian website and plugged in their write-up into an online translator. It is a direct translation, so it is not perfect, but you kinda get the idea...

We came out not long ago from the British Toy Fair, where they managed to photography to get the latest you've never seen a vehicle, the Republic Attack Ship. A colleague of Hasbro also showed us in this rugged little machine.
So the Republic Attack Ship Clone Wars animated series of the iconic vehicles, Hasbro in 2011 will be the biggest game. I'm about. 6-8 were calculated with button on it, each of them belongs to one or more sound effects. The ship's belly to remove the two side panel, then serve játéktérként, where one of the key result, riadójelzést simulated red LEDs will flash.
The flight deck can hold up one behind the other two figures. The ship's retractable roof at the beginning of a small lift in hiding. Extra lézerágyúk are hidden in the head and wings. The wing and the leszállótalpak fold. Comes with a picture and then Clone Trooper figure and Clone Wars series in the standard box will be available. Our feeling is that in size is not a category of either the Falcon or the ATAT-tal-NAL. The expected release August.
There are some words it does not translate, but played around with them on the translator and I think that
"játéktérként" means "playset"
"riadójelzést" means "warning alarm"
"lézerágyúk" means "laser guns"
"leszállótalpak" means "landing supports/gears"