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    from what i hear there's gonna be 2 more star wars games coming out for gamecube this year,you just know 1 of them will be an atoc game thank god i bought a gamecube
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    Originally posted by jw_bryant
    its a SEGA game, thats why. if it was ever going to be released on a system it would have been on the DC.
    Not any more. Dreamcast is defunked(sp). They are making no more DC systems or games. Sega will continue to make games, just for other systems. That is why Sonic showed up in GameCube and Crazy Taxi is on PS2.

    I remeber reading an artical b/4 the PS2 came out. Sega basically said that if the sales for the DC fall after PS2 launch, they were going to shut down the system side of their buisness and concentrate only on games then.
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    I would like to see a Star Wars game in league with the Zelda series for 64, but I wouldn't be interested in a turn-based RPG like FF for Star Wars.

    Hopefully Star Wars Galaxies will be good, and that will be the Star Wars games to end all SW games, even though its a PC game. If I get as addicted to it as I did UO though, I'll probably drop everything for a month and just play it straight!

    I for the most part am tired of consoles. I got a GC hoping for some great games, but overall I'm disappointed. I liked Rogue Leader and SSB: Melee, but they get old quick. The only other game coming out this year for GC I'm interested in is Resident Evil. Other than that, though, there isn't anything for GC, IMO. I played some X-Box games, and they're good, but nothing I'd buy. PS2 has some decent games this year, but nothing stellar, IMO. Very few games coming out nowadays are really something new and good.
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    Originally posted by Dar' Argol
    Maybe an Everquest type of game would be good. But there would have to be a LOT of customizing available! Expecially if it was over the net. But the thing I am trying to get across is I want a 3rd person game, that involves quests or missions, that you can use a lightsaber and force powers, but that they are not all that great in the begining.
    Dar'gol, Star Wars Galaxies is going to be a Everquest type of game. Have you looked into that? Cause it is exactly what you are talking about and wanting. I currently play Asheron's Call, and will be changing to Galaxies when that comes out.

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    Originally posted by JarJarBinks

    I currently play Asheron's Call, and will be changing to Galaxies when that comes out.
    How do you like AC? I played a little when it first came out, but I didn't like it too much. Same with DAOC and AO. I currently play on a player run UO everyonce in a while, and I find that's the best. They have yet to make an MMORPG that is not only well rounded, but overall good and doesn't fall into the same traps the rest of them have.
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    my dream star wars game is one which features realistic lightsaber fighting. not the glow stick combat we've been treated to in the past. i know it would be difficult, and the battles would be short, but i someday dream for a game where you actually have to block your opponents saber and if you don't, you will lose a limb or torso. whether this type of game took place in a "dead or alive" type game, or was featured in an adventure like game i don't care. both would suit me fine. i just want realistic saber battles, instead of just beating someone senceless with a glow stick!

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    Jedi Knight 2 has realistic lightsaber battles....

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    dead eye,

    not quite. it is a vast improvement, and the animations are great, but it is not what i described in my above post.

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    Originally posted by JarJarBinks
    I currently play Asheron's Call, and will be changing to Galaxies when that comes out.
    Yeah, I'm exctied for SW Galaxies as well.
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    It's close. The one thing not in JK2 that you described, was having to block an opponent's attacks. In JK2 it's done automatically; however, there is a code you can type, and with it you will have to bind a key to "block" and you'll have to press that key to manually block every single blaster bolt and every single blow of another lightsaber. Open the console and type "g_saberautoblocking 0" (without the quotes), then type "Bind b block" (again, without the quotes, and you can use any key for block, it doesn't have to be b.)


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