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    Don't forget, in the fall, we should be seeing the RPG Knights of the Old Republic out. That should satisfy the RPG beast inside you.

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    My game: The Adventures of BoShek. You would be BoShek and have to choose to side with the rebels, the Emprire or somewhere in between. The game would be non-linear so you could pick and choose your missions, earning more money with more difficult ones. Some missions would be to smuggle spice for Takeel, to run guns for the Empire, to try to steal a ship from Jabba the Hut for the Rebels and to blackmail Garindan.

    There would be a lot of things to buy, from blasters to suits/outfits to even ships and slaves. The game difficulty would be to up to the player also, the more money you save the better your equipment and the better your chances of winning your missions.

    Since BoShek is Force sensitive the Jedi powers could come into play too.

    The player view would be ala EP1 for the Playstation. There would be two playmodes: a third person view and also Rouge like piloting stages. The platform would be PS2 with downloading capabilites for new missions and gear available online. There would be a killer soundtrack and great voiceovers. The graphics would be spectacular.
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