Hey all,

I was sitting here, watching my EP1 DVD for the 15 time and wishing upon a star that it was May 16th already(or at least April 23rd). And I got to thinking, most of the Star Wars games out there are CRAP! Now I am not talking PC, I am referring to home consols(sp?). Think about it, we have Jedi Power Battles(crap), Masters of Teras Kais(sp) that was good to a point, Star Wars Podracers(once again good to a point),etc. The only good ones that I have played have been Starfighter and Rouge Sqadron 1 & 2. So this got me to thinking and I am sorry if this tread has been done b/4 but, what would your ultimate Star Wars Game be???

For me, it is as follows. And BTW if any game designers are out there and you take this idea and do not give me credit I will hunt you down, hang you by your toe nails, pour honey on you, unleash a hoard of fireants on you and then stick a lightsaber up your . . . . . well, you get the idea. Anyway:

I am a big RPG(that's Role Playing Game) fan. So my game would have to be a RPG. And since I only have a PS2 it would be on that system. It would most likely have to be a 2-3 disc game(That's HUGE!!!!!!). You would start out as a Padawan, following your master on differant missions. All the while building up your experiance in the Jedi arts. And depending on your battles and interaction with other characters, you can either finish your jedi training or follow the darkside. But for the most part the begining of the game you would have little control on where you would go, this would be left up to your master(a AI character). Then depending on which path you chose, either finish your training or take the dark path, you would be incontrol then.

There are a lot more detail that I have in my head for this and if I posted it all one of three things would happen: Either my fingers would fall off from all this typing, no one would read this post cause it too friggin long, or SirSteve would forever ban me b/c my post took up too much room on his server. But I believe you get the gist of my idea. There would be a lot of dialog, lots of use of light sabers(you even get to build your own at one point), lots of Force tricks to learn and use, and you can customize your character(i.e. your name, the look, race, height, skills, etc). So there it is! Hope it wasn't too long. So what are your ideas??

And once again, I am sorry if this was done before but its and idea I've had running around in my head and it was making me dizzy!

Don't look at me like that! I'm not crazy. . . . that's what my shrink told me. I am normal, I am normal, I am . . . oh, who am I kidding!!!!!