I have always loved the Muppets.

And I admired the Palisades Muppets line whenever it was at retail. However, the choice early on to make major characters like Animal and Beaker only available in playsets and the fact that the only versions I first saw of Kermit, Piggy, Gonzo, Sam the Eagle, and Rowlf were in outfits or hairstyles that did not seem like the primary version of the character caused me not to get on board with this series. Then, I felt the line would end before they made all the characters I would want. And they never brought back the first characters for who missed them the first time.

That taken with the fact I was spending a lot on Star Wars caused me to pass on the line. I even held back on characters like Statler and Waldorf I could have bought just as stand alone figures because I felt it would lead to getting into the whole collection.

Then the line ended and characters like Jim Henson, Sweetums, Rainbow Connection Kermit, standard Rowlf, and standard Robin were exclusives. I thought I had made the right choice.

But years later, looking at the line as a whole, they made ever character I really would have wanted and the sculpts and outfits were good. I would like a few additions like Angus McGonagle, but I wouldn't be bothered by the absence of any figure like I will ultimately be about the Tonnikas in the Star Wars line. I went on ebay a few times thinking I might pick up a couple of Muppets figures, but was so astonished at the prices that I always begged off.

Now, even though there may be very good Muppets toys this year with the new movie, with Star Wars collecting so slow, I really felt drawn to these figures again. I do not believe there will ever be such complete, high quality toys of the Muppets as Palisades did.

So I have started collecting them. Things sure would have been cheaper if I had just bought them back in the day!

I have scored a few deals which helped kick the ball off. I found Uncle Deadly and Sweetums cheaper than they would have been during the line. And I am pursuing the figures like crazy on ebay, watching the auctions very carefully.

Though I know for some characters like Zoot or Rowlf I would really have to pay through the nose, my early goal is to pay on average $15 a figure (not counting gifts) and see how many figures I can pick up before the expense is such that I can probably only spring for a new figure every six months or so.

I am focusing on main characters from the actual Muppet Show in their primary outfits (not Clifford, Johnny Fiama, or Pepe).

So far I have RECEIVED Electronics Boutique Piggy (with long hair), Sweetums, website exclusive Animal (no playset), Crazy Harry, and Uncle Deadly (standard version).

I am absolutely amazed at the quality of these figures. They are not action figures. They are articulated statues. They are works of art. They parallel Gentle Giant in quality. To think they ever sold for $10 each is stunning.
I think looking at the scope of the line and the accessories that it may be the best toy line of all time. (And given my love of Star Wars figures that is saying a lot.)

I would sell quite a few, though not remotely all, of my Star Wars figures to afford more Muppets figures.

I intend to be in this for the long haul, spending the money I know it will take, slowly over time, looking for deals. I think it will be fun to spend 10 years enjoying the addition of a new Muppet to the shelf.

I like seeing the mix of different characters I currently have, supporting and main characters. If I had collected this line originally, I would have wanted to start with Kermit, Piggy, etc., but now I think it will be fun waiting to see how long it is before I get a Kermit. Right now, my shelf, kind of looks like a Muppets staff meeting as those who have gotten there, stand around waiting for the other arrivals.

I have won standard Fozzie, Lew Zealand, the Newsman, Beauregard, and Pops in auctions, but they haven't arrived yet. I have my fingers crossed on a few other auctions.

I don't care if I ultimately get the playsets, though the Backstage would be a dream. I know I likely have to get Muppet Labs to get a standard Beaker, though I would buy a loose figure if it looked good. I have always been an opener with all toys.

I know there is a thread about these figures, but it looked pretty inactive. I thought a new thread my get things going. I would love to hear people's thoughts on the Palisades line, what figures they have, and various reflections looking back. (Or tips to a latecomer.)