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    2 more Matrix flicks in the works?

    Can't speak to the veracity of the source but Keanu has apparently spoken about doing 2 more Matrix flicks with the Wachowski Bros. ... sound interesting.

    The Will Smith project sounds cool... a sci-fi Robin Hood just might work, though Gilliam's Brazil already did something similar.

    Bill and Ted Part 3? Say it ain't so! Noooooooooo!
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    The school reported that no such event took place. So, there ya go. False reporting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darth Duranium View Post
    Bill and Ted Part 3? Say it ain't so! Noooooooooo!
    No George Carlin (rip) no B&T Part 3.

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    Bill & Ted 3 has, unfortunately, been confirmed in other sources. Makes me want to cry, as I cannot think of any way they can do it that wouldn't be ridiculous (in a utopia where Wyld Stalyns music has achieved everything science and religion couldn't) or pathetic and sad (in a more real-world universe where Wyld Stalyns music didn't). The first would be silly and a little boring, and the second would not only be really depressing, but completely negate all those newspaper headlines we see at the end of Bogus Journey.

    Not to mention that, much-needed paycheck for Alex Winter or not, a Bill & Ted movie without George Carlin as Rufus is not a Bill & Ted movie. Period.
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    Can you say B&T Prequel? With Justin Bieber and a Jonas Brother cast? Now THERE'S a say-it-ain't-so.
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    Bill & Ted 3 has only been confirmed as a maybe.
    Both Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves have both expressed interest in reprising their roles.
    An idea has been nailed down and a script was being written (as of September 2010).
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    I'm still waiting to see a sequel to the first Matrix movie.

    I would love a last Bill and Ted adventure. EXCELLENT!
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    oh man if this movie is as good revolutions it will be AWESOME like a triple bg by Sarah Gellar
    sumtimes ppl make a war and why is for? i dno think war cool,


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