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    BEST/WORST figure poll from 1995 - Now

    Welcome one and all to the Star Wars BEST/WORST figure poll. Once every three or four years I venture to do a complete listing of every figure ever made from the current line and take your votes on who you think the best and worst figures are. The poll usually takes at least six months to complete, so by the time this poll ends every figure even rumored to be released will have been in stores by the time we finish. I will post a new group of figures to vote on twice a week, and sometimes maybe three. Before I begin the poll there are some things I want you to know.

    - First, I want you to know what figures will be constituted in this poll. Every figure whether blister, battle pack, Millennium coin, vehicle pack in, Deluxe, mail away, etc will be utilized. Repaints I consider new figs since most current astro droids are just that. I want every figure to have itís day in the sun so it can be cheered or jeered. Figure variations I will ignore such as Tan vested Luke, circle hand Boba, etc. Fixed figures that canít stand will not be included in this poll, for example: The 1995 Biker Scout, 2005 Wookie Warrior (Wookie flyer). A figure will be required to stand to be counted. For those of you not familiar of the BEST/WORST poll I start in 1995 and work my way up. Figures will be grouped by waves or types. Figures are listed by release date to keep everything completely fair and impartial, sometimes I might miss something. If I ever do, donít refrain yourself from pointing it out to me, after all there will be over 1,000 figs listed on the poll by itís end. The release date listing is also done so that every year worth of figs we will have a run off. For instance: Every figure released in 1997 will have one BEST and one WORST that can compete in the final vote for the BEST and WORST of all time.

    - You only get one vote for your BEST and WORST with each group. You canít say that Yarna and Bane Malor are the best of the current wave because I canít pick the best out of your two picks. If this happens a vote for the best in such a posting will be ignored. You have to vote on groups currently or previously listed. For instance: If Iím posting the OTC wave of Myo (circa 2004), and you vote on the best fig out of the Saga Hermi Odle wave (2007) I will ignore that post because that listing is months away, and I am keeping track of current or previous polls only. The most common problem on a poll like this is when someone posts once and says that so-and-so is the greatest figure ever made, and then never post again. That kind of vote will never appear in any tally. Itís not required for you to vote in every poll, just make sure you vote on what is available to vote on at the time you vote.

    - Iím a pretty open moderator when it comes to my poll so just have fun with it. My favorite posts are when people rant on about why they love or hate certain figs. I donít try to avoid criticizing or joking with others on their votes when it disagrees with mine, but just remember not to be overly critical. Remember, in the end, votes are what counts, not opinions.

    With all this rambling done, letís just cut to the chase and start the poll.....
    After 11 months The BEST/WORST figure poll is still going strong.

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    Awesome!! I really enjoyed your last poll, Jaff..... bring it on!!
    Big thanks to DarkJedi5, TheRealDubya, obi-dad, morpheus282, Tycho and Kidhuman for great deals/trades.

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    A long time ago, in every retailer not far away....

    The power of the force line was released July 1995. After years of vintage collecting, or Star Wars bend emís we finally had a crack at something new. Hasbro promised tons of figs to come, and upon their release collecting seemed more directed toward variations than nabbing characters. Whether you hunted transition trays, long saber, short saber, Leia with two belts or three belts there was plenty for you to hunt for. Leia and 3PO was nowhere to be found in 1995. In 1997 she could be found everywhere. However, during 1995 and most of 1996 Leia was the big cash prize for scalpers. As for me I just hunted all of the new figures only to say today that the figs are so outdated that I lost over $50 collecting them. Oh well, thatís the life of an avid collector.

    Luke Skywalker
    Darth Vader
    Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi
    Han Solo
    Princess Leia Organa

    So which is your BEST and WORST of this group?
    After 11 months The BEST/WORST figure poll is still going strong.

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    Luke Skywalker - Muscle bound Luke was funny and not so very detailed as one would hope today. Still, back then his saber was pretty cool. His grappling gun was a bit funny and his chest has had more punchlines than I can remember. If the fig grew some chest hair he might have received a little more respect than what he got.
    Darth Vader - Darth wasnít really bad at the time. For a few years he would match the quality of figs until the 1997 removable helmet Vader. This Vaderís scale was a bit off, and the muscles are a bit harsh to stomach today.
    R2-D2 - This R2 was pure quality, and he stood his own for years to come. Having a retractable third leg seamlessly blended in with the mold was awesome. Not to mention the detail. Before this fig all we knew of R2 was the sticker that wrapped around the body mold.
    Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi - I didnít dislike this Ben, I just didnít understand the pose. His pose was obviously there to imitate the Death Star saber fight, but he just leaned forward too much, and I am one collector who gets really annoyed with figures that donít stand since I open every fig up.
    Han Solo - Despite his muscles Han wasnít terrible. It wouldnít be until 2000 that we had a real Han, but at this time I had no complaints.
    Chewbacca - This wookie made me roar: Gorilla in the mists! What a pudgy, palpitating, pork of plastic!!!!!
    Stormtrooper - The stormie doesnít look the best today, but I still use him for background troopers when I stand up 20 troopers next to my Imperial shuttle. He really isnít that bad of a fig.
    C-3PO - 3PO looked really good in 95. I liked this fig for years to come, but like all the figs of this time he later disappeared in my memory.
    Princess Leia Organa - This figure is not a representation of princess Leia. The likeness only resembles that bulky lady officer in Fifth Element, or the psycho dodgeball chick that could pass for a man in Ben StillerĎs Dodgeball.

    BEST - R2-D2

    WORST - Expanded Universe Leia from Fifth Element
    After 11 months The BEST/WORST figure poll is still going strong.

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    Best: Maybe not the best sculpt (that would probably be Vader,or maybe R2), but I have to vote for my favourite from this wave.... the first SW figure I owned in '78, and the first one I went for when they were relaunched..... CHEWIE

    Worst: No contest, it has to be Monkey Face LEIA (still sticks in my throat as possibly the most expensive fig I ever bought, as well as being the worst!)
    Big thanks to DarkJedi5, TheRealDubya, obi-dad, morpheus282, Tycho and Kidhuman for great deals/trades.

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    I bought her for $15 myself. Boy was I a sucker. I think I gave her away after the 1998 version came out. Money down the toilet.
    After 11 months The BEST/WORST figure poll is still going strong.

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    My wife found one at a thrift store for a nickle this month and I have to say at 5 cents it's still too expensive....

    Another worst figure has to the be that Luke Skywalker Throne Room Duel from the 2003....
    For my ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is.

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    I read your list - and starting shivering..."The horror....the horror..."

    Best - I'd go C-3P0 - even today, it holds up not to shabbily.

    Worst - yeah...Leia. Being that she was hard to get at the time was a real kick in the nuts too...
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    I would prefer if we just picked up where the last poll left off, but I guess we can start again.

    Best - Chewbacca - this is the figure that I was the most satisfied with back in 1995, it gave me some hope that the entire line wasn't going to be crap.

    Worst - Ben Kenobi - as terrible as Leia was, at least she could stand on her own. Plus, I hated the side split robe feature from the moment I saw it, give me salt-shakers or soft goods over that crap any day.
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    Best: Stromtrooper
    Worst: Leia
    It's a blacked-out blur but I'm pretty sure it ruled.


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