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    Would You Buy A Super Jawa Sandcrawler From ANH If Hasbro Made One?

    I am continuing my 3 3/4" vehicle thread series.

    This will discuss ONLY the vehicle in the title of the thread (in this case a new large scale size Jawa sandcrawler from ANH).

    I will cover several unmade vehicles for the action figures per week, choosing them from a rotating schedule through the movies and the Expanded Universe.

    I'll order it TPM, AOTC, ROTS, ANH, ESB, ROTJ, EU, and then keep going back through the order in that manner.

    So here I'm only asking you if you'd buy a large scale Jawa sandcrawler vehicle from ANH?

    This playset / vehicle would cost at least $100, and I think it would have to be even a little bit larger than the Turbotank (though they could pull it off at around that size anyway).

    Features would include a control room, the suction chute that R2-D2 gets pulled up, doors with stairs that fold down, definitely a removeable side pannel so you can access the interior.

    The "droid factory playset" that Hasbro has been mulling over could actually be featured INSIDE of this beast! Yeah, I know that they are looking at Episode Two for the droid factory's inspiration (and I'd buy a droid factory from AOTC Hasbro) but making it inside a large sandcrawler would be far easier!

    The machine might include all the recent B-A-D parts in storage place holders inside the vehicle.

    It would have electronics that light up the cockpit and some of the interior. Maybe sound-effects aren't necessarily, but some droid noises (Gonk!Gonk!) and Jawa-jabber could be appropriate.

    A new E4 Uncle Owen figure as a pack-in might be very appropriate and an awesome way to get him, too!

    I think the treads should actually roll, but they don't have to be electronic or remote-controlled. However, bringing back that original KENNER concept would be cool anyway (though it would add more cost to the vehicle).

    Do you want this made?

    How do you think it would sell if produced?

    Do you want to see support for this vehicle demonstrated by inclusion in The Clone Wars Annimated Series?
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    What are the dimensions you're envisioning? If they were to rerelease the old severely underscaled Sand Crawler, you'd probably be at the ~100 price point to begin with.

    I'd have to think hard if it was 12-18 inches tall and 6-8 inches wide and no clue on length, but would probably pass in the end. Clearancing it out, maybe, but still I don't think I could pull the trigger unless my kid gets big into Star Wars so we could "share".
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    If I could afford it, yes. Jawas > all else in Star Wars. Except maybe Teek.
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    I probably would if they made it a bit "droid factory" compatible. It would be the perfect environment in which to house such a play feature.
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    nope sure wouldn't. It would be cool...

    Honestly, I don't get why someone would prefer a guy in a helmet with little or no back story over a EU character, and if this guy in a helmet does have a backstory it's EU!!!!

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    i missed out on both the vintage and recent issues of the Sandcrawler (although I had the chance a few years ago of getting one on clearence)... so I would seriously consider it.

    i would definately want a larger version of the vehicle with various droid parts and perhaps parts to build some new droids as well, the pack in Uncle Owen figure would be neat and the idea of electronics would to hear Jawa speak.

    i'd vote yes for this vehicle.
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    yes for sure... lights and a droid bay and under 200.

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    I would love a Super Sandcrawler. I would definitely buy one and can see it being very popular with kids even though it is not shown as a battle vehicle in the movies. Kids will play with it as a battle vehicle either way.

    My thoughts on it:
    Until the announcement of the BAT-AT we haven't had a new large scale "bad guy" ship/vehicle to go against the Turbo Tank and AT-TE. My 4-year-old comments on this ALL the time. He says it’s unfair that the bad guys don't have a big tank. He lines his Jawas up on the bad guy side of all his battles so he would see it as the bad guy's response to the Turbo Tank and he would use it as such.

    Based on this I would want to see it with at least one side that folds down and has pegs for figures to stand on like the Turbo Tank. They could split the side in half and have the top half fold up and the bottom half fold down kind of like we've seen on the leaked BAT-AT images. I’d also like to see at least 2 levels on the inside. I can see guys lined up all other the top and inside this thing. It doesn't even have to shoot anything; I see it more as a portable play set, which the Turbo Tank and AT-TE really are anyway.

    The treads could be mini versions of the Corporate Alliance Tank Droid's functioning treads. There could be a flip up cockpit so figures could drive. Electronic sounds of Jawa jibber-jabber would be awesome.

    Incorporating a droid factory into would be really amazing, but I would just love to see one in the $100 price range and on the same scale as the AT-TE and Turbo Tank.

    Dang, I just got myself really excited…

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    Eh. I don't believe I would. The B-A-D parts would be a plus, however I would hope that Hasbro develops a "Box-O-Parts" bucket first. I don't believe that Hasbro would ever be able to create a Sandcrawler worth making, and if they did, it wouldn't sell. It's basically a droid carrying case on wheels.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sonofsokol View Post

    My thoughts on it:
    Until the announcement of the BAT-AT we haven't had a new large scale "bad guy" ship/vehicle to go against the Turbo Tank and AT-TE.
    I polled for the Trade Federation's MTT for the Battledroids and it won by a safe margin here.

    Since it's a war vehicle, the MTT would be perfect for that role, but the super-sandcrawler would also be a lot of fun.
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