Well, "new" is a relative term here. Still, BBTS lists a new case assortment:
1x SL13 Yoda
1x SL11 Anakin (Darth Vader)
1x SL06 Darth Vader
1x SL14 R2-D2
1x SL32 Spacetrooper
1x SL31 Destroyer Droid
1x SL30 Boba Fett (Episode VI)
1x SL29 Mace Windu (Episode III)
1x SL28 Super Battle Droid (Episode III)
1x SL27 Death Star Trooper
1x SL25 Stormtrooper
1x SL24 Obi-Wan Kenobi (Episode III)

Hasbro mentioned the EU Spacetrooper (from the TRU wave) would be coming out, so there's that. Hopefully the Destroyer won't be the crappy shooting-arms one, but it likely will be. Mace and Boba join the ranks, and we finally get a stormtrooper in this line (presumably not the same one from the Vintage line). The Death Star Trooper is a cool addition as well.