From an advertising perspective, this ad has no purpose that I can determine, beyond trading on Star Wars iconography. The kid runs around in a Vader costume trying to use the Dark Side and fails because he's just a kid in a costume. The dad comes home in his new boringmobile and the kid rushes to use the Force on the car, which doesn't do anything because he's just a kid in a costume. The dad then uses the keyless remote starting to make the kid think he's finally used the Force, which startles the kid. The mother gives a disapproving gesture. In that ad, the car is not memorable, its singular feature is not unique or special in any fashion, and nothing in the ad ties into the new lower pricing on the car. So what is the point of the ad, beyond using recognizable Star Wars elements to hook people into paying attention? Where is the narrative value that sells the vehicle or pays off for the Star Wars aspect? From what I can tell, there is none. But it is cloying and it uses famous ideas from someone else's work, so it is talked-about.