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Thread: New figures.

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    They still have to make klatu, the Imperial dignitary, Warok, Romba, General Madine, Lumat, Chief Chirpa, Twin pod Cloud Car pilot, etc... I also would like to see new figures like Yarna, Bubo, the remaining jedi council, etc. and it wouldnt hurt to see some EU figures also...take the Krayt Dragon for instance. They can make it all. The order on which they make the figs wont bother me, just make them!!
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    Kayt Dragon would be awesome,Heres what I'd like to see

    Figures-3 3/4'')
    -Mara Jade(Jedi Master)
    -Kyp Durron(Jedi)
    -Corran Horn (CorSec)
    -Vong Warrior
    -Vong Priest
    -Exar Kun(Physical form,not spirit)
    -Nomi Sunrider
    -Joruus C'Boath

    -Vong Warship
    -Taozin with Cthon bones(From Rouge Planet)

    However,finishing off aliens/droids/officers from the movies is
    so much more important than making stuff from the books.Better
    to finish off one thing before starting another!
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