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Thread: New figures.

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    New figures.

    Dear designers at Hasbro.

    I would really like to see some figures come to life in my collection.
    As far a start, I would like to see more Imperial generals/captains/Admirals,also I would want Crix Madine and Jan Dodonna. And I also beg you to make figures from the species of Bothans & Gotals.
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    Right on, I hear ya!

    Bring it on Hasbro!
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    Well, I am still hoping that General Jan Dodonna will pop up later this year. ANH: Rebel Officer was on some of the early circulating lists that Hasbro had pulled off the net cause they revealed E2 figures. And the E2 figure lists were pretty accurate. Hopefully it wasn't a miscommunication, and they were really refering to the Endor Rebel Soldier re-sculpts that we have coming later this year. A Jan Dodonna would be a great figure for the 25th Anniversary of Star Wars.

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    i'd like Yarna Da'l Gargan and a new Jabba the hutt please.
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    Talking Bring Back Expanded Universe !!!!!

    The original Expaned Universe line was great. I think Hasbro should focus on the collector's side of the market and produce figures based on the books that follow the movies. I mean c'mon who would want to see a Shadows of the Empire Luke with the yellow vest or Corran Horn as both an X-Wing pilot and a Jedi or maybe some of the new Jedi from the NJO series. What about the Yuzzan Vong? or the Solo Children? These figures would add a new twist to the assortment. Also some of the different ships like a Z-95 Headhunter or a TIE Defender with exclusive pilot.

    I also think if Hasbro is trying to make certain figures collectable they should open a company store where fans could join to receive exclusive figures that would only be available through the website.

    Hasbro needs to hear from you.

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    I agree with the company store idea.I think it would be great for both collectors and Hasbro.We could get alot of what we want and Hasbro wouldn't have to worry about peg warmers.
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    Talking Company Store

    I agree completly Dryanta, if Hasbro was to make this store a reality, certain lines like the Trophy Series or Expanded Universe would be available to the collectors. I still looking for some of the harder to find figures like the Death Star Trooper and Ree-Yees as well as some of the Expanded Universe figures. When will Hasbro learn. Give Collectors what they want and the business will follow.

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    Hasbro...PLEASE give us a new Luke Skywalker Jedi figure...with the magno-cuffs i.e. Endor Capture. Not to mention with tons of articulation and the ideas posted by JarJar B. and Rollo T.
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    I think that the fan choice figures are a great idea, they should do it more often.
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    Talking New Jedi Luke

    I agree with you Darkross, a new Luke Jedi Figure with multiple points of articulation and a realistic head sculpt and realistic detail on the lightsaber would be awesome. Also a an exploding R2-D2 would be killer as well.

    Maybe Hasbro will release a special Cinema scene with a backdrop of Endor the loading ramp and a special Dartn Vader, Luke Skywalker, and Imperial Officer.


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