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    Article: Hulu Announces 2011 Super Bowl XLV Volkswagon "The Force" Ad Most Liked

    I feel a great disturbance in the Force.

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    Weird, the East side of the country seems to like the Bridgestone ad slightly more than the VW SW one.

    The Bridgestone one, if you don't remember, is the driver that narrowly avoids running over a beaver thanks to the nimble power of his Bridgestone tires, only to be saved by the same beaver in the same location a year later by blocking him from driving over a destroyed bridge.

    Does the Bridgestone ad suggest that the driver would have killed the beaver if he were running Goodyears, and that later he himself would have been killed when there was no beaver there to stop him from driving onto the destroyed bridge? A dark statement indeed! "Buy Goodyear and karma will kill you."


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