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    Sweet set. I thought it wasn't coming out until november. Glad it's earlier.

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    I guess they released it early....Last I heard was September...I walked into the Lego store...and there they were !!!

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    Really didn't want to spend the money, but after seeing the awesome display piece in the window, I caved in and bought one today. Probably gonna' be a while before I ever get to put this thing together, though!
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    Finally ordered one today. Lego has a sale May 4th and 5th with 20% off exclusive sets plus free shipping on anything over $75 and a tc-14 mini fig. Looking forward to putting this monster together.

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    I've got this sitting at home waiting for me when I get back! I can't wait! I've actually got this set, the UCS Star Destroyer, and new Millenium Falcon, and I just ordered the UCS R2 set on May 4th.
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