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    Thumbs up What are your pegwarmers?

    Here are the pegwarmers for Red Deer Alberta. Expect cloudy conditions.
    Toys R us:
    4-Lom, DS droid,DS Trooper
    25th anni.
    Luke and Leia
    Sabe,Ketwol,Duro,Bespin guard,Shimi,Chewie,Leia,Sing,
    Bacta Luke , Darth maul, Darth maul sith, Harley Qui Gonn, Snowbie wan, Training obi wan

    EP1 Final duel
    3P0 Palm taker and Chewie

    Wal-Mart (all the Coll.1 figures are $5.00)
    Luke,Leia,Chewie,DS han,Sing,Shimi,Ketwol,Duro,Theed amidala,
    IG-88,EW vader,Bespin guard,Darth Maul Sith

    EP1 Padme
    Flash speeder

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    Similar here..

    Right near Niagara falls..... You can still get preview STAPs here!! At Zellers!!! And in one scalpers near here, they have a 12" electronic Jar Jar for like 50 something dollars, for crying out loud!!
    At least they finally got rid of bossk and 21b- I thought that was gonna last forever!!!!
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    Ok over here in BC we got
    Shmi Skywalker
    Bespin guard
    Bacta luke
    Mechanic chewie
    Aurra Sing
    Leia Bespin escape
    I bought all the Xwing Lukes so maybe there might be more of those. Thats about it. Oh ya for 12" we got Death Star Trooper and the Luke pack with all the different outfits.

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    yeah, what amanamike said.
    red deer sounds pretty sweet, i still have yet to see the 25th anniversary stuff or palm talkers and i could always use another vader

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    Yeah I bought the other 25th sets.
    They should be at mass retail everywhere now?
    I got mine at TRU.
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    From where I live, there isn't much for peg warmers at all. I was at Wal-Mart in Fredericton a few weeks ago and I saw Bespin Guard, Shimi, Ellors Madak, Ketwol, and Maul Sith Apprentice. No Luke Bacta Tanks or Maul with training droid.
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    No Maul/droids there??

    Don't sweat it too much. Every time I see a swarm of em just hanging there, the set looks sillier and sillier. AOTC is close enough now that I'm starting to imagine what it'll be like to go into a TRU and actually have to decide WHICH FIGURE I LIKE BEST!! I'm sure everyone else who would read this thread feels the same. It'll be like some bizzarre dream!! Especially considering that( and yeah, I know I'm jumping the gun here, but it seems to feel okay) it looks like AOTC will be an undeniable SMASH HIT, and if so, we can expect all of the planned product to see the light of day, maybe even in CANADA!!! Man, this just could make up for at least a few of the crushing disappointments, eh fellows?? C'mon AOTC, c'mon hasbro, and let us rush forward into the raging current..... to Victory (and some sweet new toys)!!
    Something about him reminds me of my older brother, Rex.

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    I agree with mabudon, it will be a glorious day when we all can walk into any toy store and be faced with a selection we've only dreamed about.

    My biggest fear is that we're gonna get screwed out of the last three waves of POTJ figures...

    Damn you Hasbro, you go to hell! you go to ell and you die!!!


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